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How To Earn Money Fast? Well, Just Chat!
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How to Earn Money Fast? Well, just Chat!

That is right, chat and earn money fast. That is my today's answer on how to earn money fast. Good and nice chatting can be very lucrative as well as educating and pleasant. How do you do it? Just blog.

Yes blogging is a terrific way how to earn money fast while chatting. Chatting is what blogging is all about in the end. It is a modern way of socializing. You can interact with so many people at same time all over the world.

You can talk about anything you like and find people who share the same interests as you. while doing that, present them products within those interests, which you know they will like or find useful, and there you are on your way to earn money fast..

No, do not assume that this is unethical. How many times did you buy something suggested by a friend? How many times did you ask a friend where he or she bought something in order to go a get one for you? How many times have you helped a friend on deciding to choose what to buy for a present or made a suggestion on which product to purchase in order to help him or her accomplishing any desired goal?

I´m not stating that your focus should be on how to earn money fast from your friends or people you chat with in the Internet. You wouldn´t go very far acting that way. It would not be a good strategy nor to make friends neither to earn money. So, your real focus should be the people you are trying to reach and to meet at your blog. They probably have their own blog too and they would surely like you to visit them there and interact with them buy chatting on a forum or making comments on their posts.

Are you following me? There is much more than just thinking on how to earn money fast. You interact with people, make good friends, change ideas and at last earn money while chatting with them. You do this, as I said before, by showing and suggesting them useful products that are related to your common interests and are being the subject of your conversations. If you do this well and with transparency you will be reinforcing your friendships and, soon enough, you will be confirming this statement of mine about on how to earn money fast.

It looks like a great job hein? Well, I must tell you once more although – do not go for it thinking stritctly on the money. Do not make it your main purpose. To earn money fast while chatting should be a consequence of your Internet activity, not the main reason for you to be there. Do not believe on those “make money by the speed of light” schemes. They are just not real. When I say this is one great answer on how to earn money fast, I am not saying that it will happen immediately as that will always depend on the number of friends you already have or you are meeting.

Please do not misunderstand me and go out there just selling things to your friends. Interacting has a lot to do with giving and receiving. These are the basis of any relationship. There must always be an input and an output. As social beings, people tend to join and collaborate between themselves on achieving the best living conditions. That is in our essence. In order to earn money fast from chatting with your buddies you have to be trustful and not too self-seeking. What really is important and... Let me say, the real key that opens the doors towards your success, is the fact that you know your friends. You know their likes and needs. If you can offer them solutions for that, they will even think twice on purchasing whatever you are presenting them.

I hope you now understand my purpose on emphasizing how important it can be to keep a busy social activity, when it comes to "how to earn money fast".

Do not forget however, that in spite of you wanting to earn money fast, this is a business and you should take it seriously. Act smart. When I say you can earn money fast while chatting, I do not strictly mean earning money from direct selling to your friends. These friends can also be people with that same interest of earning money and in that case, by frequently chatting with them you will happen to be working together as a community towards a mutual goal - How To Earn Money Fast.

That is all for now. I hope you have enjoyed the reading. Please make your point on this issue and do some "street talking". :)


Street Talk

Norm Bell  

Thanks, for your thoughts on that. I worry about sounding pushey to frends.

  about 9 years ago

how can i earn money

  about 9 years ago

i guess im looking for the catch is it really this simple with street talk im jubilant at last life does not have to be coplicated

  about 1 decade ago
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