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How To Earn Money From Home Online - An Example
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How To Earn Money From Home Online  -  An Example

We are living in a global economy, where old barriers to doing business such as different time zones and remote locations no longer prevent us from communicating and working with people all over the world. From Australia to Zambia, every day employees are using the internet to complete more and more of their work online, but have you ever considered starting your own online business? Do you covet the idea of being your own boss and working from home? This article will describe the basic mechanics of how to earn money from home online.

Let's use Camille as an example. We'll start with some background information. Camille is a bounty hunter for a bonds agency. She's an active kind of person who adores horse riding and plays a lot of basketball and golf. Camille was raised on a farm and knows quite a lot about organic farming. She keeps chickens because she loves fresh eggs, and her passion is collecting antique amber jewellery.

If Camille wants to earn money from home online, the first thing she needs to do is identify a 'niche', which is a topic specially suited to her interests, abilities or nature. A niche should be quite specific, and not too general. In Camille's case, 'how to play basketball' or 'dressage training' or 'antique amber jewellery' would all be relevant niches, but 'sport' or 'animals' or 'jewellery' would not, as they are far too general.

When we ask Camille which of her interests she is most passionate about and would most enjoy writing about, she says organic poultry farming. So 'organic poultry farming' becomes her niche.

Camille's next step is to create a web site about organic poultry farming. She doesn't know anything about creating web sites, but that's ok. It's easy, and she can learn how to do it quickly and at no cost from folks who know about setting up an online business.

Then she needs to write quality content about organic poultry farming, and post it on her web site. She should also write about organic poultry farming in other places on the internet, with links back to her site for readers who would like to learn more.

The good quality content that Camille writes will generate traffic to her web site in the form of visitors.

That's the key to making money online, right there. Visitors. Traffic. If Camille's web site has traffic, it can be converted to revenue by adding special marketing links on her site. This may be in the form of adverts for related products (such as organic chicken feed), or links to related services (such as the Egg Nutrition Council), or any number of other types of marketing strategies that are appropriate to her niche. In some cases, a visitor just needs to click on a link for Camille to earn money; sometimes they need to buy something from a related company; it all depends on the type of marketing Camille chooses to employ on her site after she has learned more about internet marketing.

Now...if you were to just take a moment to write a summary statement about yourself, that includes your interests, hobbies, specialisations and consuming passions - what would your 'niche' be?

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