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How To Exceed Your Article View Goals In One Month
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How to Exceed Your Article View Goals In One Month

Some of us are not that great at writing, and the reasons vary, but the outcome is the same - it doesn't get done! I will help those who need that extra push in the right direction for putting ideas to paper, or monitor - in this case with online article publishing. It may seem like a daunting task because more than just an instructor or group of employees will read it. If the requirements are broken down though, and you see that 400 words turns out to be only a few paragraphs. In fact, it may take more time to choose an image and size it for upload, than it will to write the whole article.

What You Love

Knowing that everyone in the world can see what you publish can also be viewed as positive, because if you like and love what you're writing about; chances are thousands of others have similar interests. More importantly, thousands may have the same need that you are filling by writing about the "Top 10 ways to impress at job interviews." Millions are out of work, and that means a huge potential audience.

Another benefit is the realization your input is free! Aside from news, you'll be writing informative articles that fulfill a need that people search for by the second online. Take interview advice for example; almost one in three websites you click on cost money for their services. We all have experience finding a job, and receiving free professional advice is golden right now.

1000 Views in One Month

The main point is that we are writing in Street Articles as a vehicle to E-Commerce, but don't have the burden of trying to sell a product. Our advice can reach the masses without any gimmicks! This alone is enough fuel for the fire inside to spark and write quality content that truly helps people! I can attest to gaining 1000 article views, and I'm certain it's not from 1000 different people. So, knowing that quality content that helps people fill an immediate need in which they can share with their friends is one of the best principles to keep in mind because it will drive you to perform better than you thought possible.

400 Isn't Enough

400 words is not enough to really get all you have to offer in one article, so I suggest some "to be continued" articles that can truly start creating an audience and in less than a month you could see your numbers exceed 1000!!

Street Talk

I have been writing more blogs and articles. My words flow more easily when I write on a regular basis. I used to have trouble writing more than 400 words. My articles usually run about 600 words.

  about 1 decade ago
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