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How To Find And Use Top Searched Keywords
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Many internet marketers out there, particularly the newbie just coming on board, consider driving traffic to their websites a herculean task or a difficult calculus that requires painstaking answers. Well, driving traffic to your site needs not be a piece of calculus! I mean you can have the opportunity to drive traffic to your website if only you could do simple things that are often overlooked. For example, if you can reduce your website message to just a series of keywords, especially unique keywords which most of your competitors do not know about, you will surely be better positioned to drive a lot of traffic to your website. Of course, I know there are many lessons to learn about SEO - I mean many eBooks and online articles have been written on this topic. However, I will limit my focus in this article to help you find and use the top searched keywords in your niche.

To start with, you need to pick your keywords with care if you want to have the top searched keywords in your niche. Google Ad Words Keyword tool is the first tool you need to be familiar with. With this tool, you can type in a single word or a group of words so that, the big G (Google) can tell you the number of internet users who search those words on the internet. In addition, it will also give you a breakdown of the number of niche markets who already use those keywords.

Due to the fact that single keywords will be heavily used by marketers, I will advise you to focus on long tail keywords as a marketer who is just starting out. Without mincing words, I urge you to use long group of keywords that people will use to find your webpage. A very good rule of thumb is to select a keyword group if many people use the particular keyword group to search by, and it is appropriate to the content of your site.

Next, I will like you to type that keyword into Google to see what would come up. I advise you type the word group in quotes so that all articles with the keyword group can come up. If you find one or two articles or no results at all, then I am happy to tell you that you've found one of the top searched keywords with low competition. However, if not, I will ask you not to despair but keep trying!

It is up to you to use the top searched keywords in a very beneficial way. If you create your webpage yourself, I advise you list your top searched keywords on the source code of your page. Like I said earlier, use the top searched keywords in your web content for about 2% density. Apply the same basic rules even if you are writing articles, submit them with the top searched keywords in your niche and create links to your website with those keywords. Google really likes nothing better than this!

The top searched keywords are a vital part of marketing on the internet. You will want to take your time, find and use the top searched keywords in your niche. I hope you find this article very informative. Wishing you all the best!

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