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How To Find Keywords
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Before I knew how to find keywords that were profitable I wasted a lot of time writing articles, pages, and posts nobody would ever read. I used to think it was necessary to look for the words and phrases with the most searches and the fewest competing pages. I don't think that way anymore, and my results have gone through the roof. Here are a couple of things I learned about how to find keywords.

Overall Search Volume Is Vastly Over-Rated

One of the biggest mistakes people new to internet marketing make is getting overly-infatuated with the gigantic search volumes shown by the free keyword tools at Google. While it may be true that some words and phrases get a great deal more attention than others, you can rest assured the high quantity searches are most often not profitable in paid campaigns, and non-responsive in organic listings. This doesn't mean giving up on the big phrases but it does mean stay away from them vis-a-vis paid traffic unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Making the Most of Paid and Organic Search Listings

The way I started to learn how to find keywords that were profitable took a lot of trial and error (mostly error). Unlike a lot of new internet marketing enthusiasts I did not lose a lot of money paying for traffic. I had already read dozens of horror stories about people who had lost a fortune paying for general terms and phrases that didn't ultimately result in sales. Some folks did make some sales, which in the end resulted in worse losses or bankruptcy when the bills came due and the commissions had not yet been paid.

The way to get the most out of listings - both organic and paid advertising is to start out small and grow slowly as you acquire knowledge. Mastering the skill of how to find keywords is not only a game of technical knowledge and the latest keyword finder software but the art of thinking like a customer. It is only when the science and art of online marketing research are combined that success follows.

It doesn't have to take long to learn how to do keyword research. I wish I had taken better advantage of the tools and training I had at my fingertips, but you can learn from my success story and take the shortcuts. Click here to get more information about finding profitable keywords.

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