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How To Make Extra Money Using The Internet
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No matter what your financial situation migh be, you'd never turn down some extra money, would you? Well, I have good news for you: I will show you how to make extra money, using a proven and save technique that anybody can use, so you can buy your lady that nice necklace, take your family on vacation or finally get that car you've always wanted!

The Internet is truly an amazing thing. It's mind-blowing how much information you can find about anything. You can also buy products, stay in touch with your friends and on top of that, the internet is home to pretty much all forms of entertainment.

It probably won't come as a surprise to you when I say that you can use the internet to actually make money online. However before I show you how to make extra money using the internet, I just have to get this out of the way first: Making money online requires you to put some time and effort in. If you're looking for one of those "make money while sleeping" kind of deals, there are countless of scam artists out there, who are more than happy to take your money.

If you're not willing or able to put at least two hours a day into it, and give it your undivided attention, I'm going to save you some time and advice you to stop reading right now.

It's quite tricky to actually make money online and there is no "magic formula". However, becoming successful online, doesn't require any kind of marketing degree, programming skills or a big budget. You don't even have to be all that smart! All you really need is access to a computer with internet (aside from some of your time and dedication).

Alright, so on to how to make extra money online. Making money on the net is pretty much the same as running a store. You need a store, products to sell and people to sell those products to.

In the online world, the store will be your website (you can set up a complete website in under a minute with the right tools), the product will be an "affiliate product" (we'll get to that) and we'll call your costumers "traffic".

So let me tell you about Affiliate Products. Affiliate products are awesome. Sign up to and you'll immediately have access to over 100,000 affiliate products that you can promote this very minute! You can sell anything you want! From ebooks on how to quit smoking, to the dvd of Sweeney Todd. If it exists, you can sell it. An the best part is: You don't have to take care of the shipping, or even the payment!

You see, when you click on the big "Promote" button on a product on clickbank, you'll instantly receive your own unique "affiliate link". When someone clicks on that link, that person will be sent to the sales page of that product. When that person makes a purchase, you'll receive a commission. These commissions can be as high as 75%!

Set up a website (or blog) about how amazing the product is that you're promoting and how it will benefit your customers and provide your affiliate link for your traffic to click on.

Now all you need is to drive as much relevant traffic to your website as possible. The key here is relevancy. Don't drive people who are looking to buy movieposters, to a website that is selling sunglasses! It's much better to have 10 relevant visitors per month than to have 100,000 not-relevant visitors per day!

The best way to drive relevant traffic to your website, is to write articles. You see, what you are reading right now, is one of those articles. Write articles that are relevant to the content on your website and provide your readers with a link to your website.

So there you have it. You now know the basics of how to make extra money online. All you need is a website (which again, is very easy to build), a product (over 100,000 available) and people to sell to.

I run a website that will teach you how to actually make extra money online. On my website, I'll give you FREE access to a complete guide that will teach you everything you need to know about making money online! Visit my website today, before I change my mind and start asking money for this!

Street Talk

Like the article Adam and particularly the early heads up you give to readers that they have to actually work to make money. There are too many "get rich quick" heavy sales pitches out there. Roger

  about 1 decade ago
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