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How To Make Some Money - 5 Steps To Make Money
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All of us would like to earn some money. Maybe the money would be for a get-away weekend with your spouse, new tools, a different car, clothes, an ipad, new fishing rod, or golf clubs.

I will let you in on a little secret -- You will not earn some money if your attitude is, "I wish someday I could have or do such and such." You will only earn that money if you have a deep enough desire that you would be motivated to work hard to achieve a solid goal.

Here are five steps to earn some money.

1. How can you earn some money?  Set an important goal. It may be as simple as "I want to buy that $800 set of golf clubs for the May 15 golf outing." This is a great goal because it is specific, timely, and can be pictured. You may even cut out the picture of the golf clubs you desire and place them on the frig or bathroom mirror, so each day you see it and it reminds you of the goal at hand. You need something to motivate you to work hard and create that additional income.

Choose your specific goal. Give it an accomplishment date. Post a picture of it. "I will purchase _____ by _______ (this date)."

2. How can you earn some money? Learn something new. What you are doing now, has gotten where you are now. If you want to change where you are financially, you need to do something different.

In this case, let me suggest a part time business. I wanted a business that would have little or no start up costs, would have no overhead, inventory, or employees, and that I could work when I had spare time. That is why I  chose affiliate marketing. I just needed an Internet access and the knowledge to market products on line. I have used a specific site to provide me this knowledge and valuable tools to succeed in this business. This site provided me with sites from which I could promote their products.. One such place is Click-bank, which offers many download-able products. Many of these products give up to 50% commission on each product sold through affiliate marketing. The training site even has a Click-bank research tool, that guides me in selecting products to promote.

I learned that I do not have to be the internet used car salesman to make some money on line. In fact, I learned to be a friend to my readers, guiding them to products that would fill their needs.

These five steps I suggest are specifically referring to affiliate marketing. Nevertheless, they hold true to any other business undertaking.

3. How can your earn some money?  Take action I have had several years of education, but I have learned that I really did not know the material until I used it in real life situations. The same is true of affiliate marketing. If all you do is study and take in the information, without ever putting it to practice, you will be able to talk the lingo, but your pockets will be empty. While you may be able to find some information about affiliate marketing by searching the web, I have found the the web site I use for affiliate training saved my time which I could use to be productive and earn some money.

My training site uses learn by doing method. Information is given and tasks assigned that brings me one step closer to earning some money. It even offers a e-course, so people can get their feet wet in the affiliate marketing business without spending money and see if this is for them.

4. How can you earn some money? Learn even more When I took action on the knowledge, I was not effective at first. I struggled with certain tasks and was failing. While I don't like to fail, I knew this was good, because it showed me the areas I needed to learn. This struggled was the best way to learn, because it is hard to forget something, when you are confronted with a difficult challenge and then given the key to resolve the challenge.

While I received initial help from my training site which started me on the right path. I needed more help. That is why I found its Forum such available help. I could ask a question, and others who have become successful affiliates respond. Recently, the site even added live chat, so I receive instant feedback. This is even better, because sometimes my questions took a day or more to be answered. The site also added live webinars that show me specifically how to do the tasks and give me current information to increase my income. The environment at the training site is a friendly one that desires to help each member succeed.

5. How can you earn some money? Repeat the above steps. So if I just continue to create "ads", and submit them over and over, I earn some money. In fact, the more "ads" i create, the more money i will likely receive. It is no different than when you see TV ads for a product over and over and finally you decide that you have to try it.

So How can you earn some money?

Find a goal that will motivate you to learn and act. Learn how to do affiliate marketing and act on that knowledge. Deepen your understanding of how to do the task even better. Repeat. Continue to learn, continue to write more ads. Continue to earn some money and then even more money.

More information about how to do affiliate marketing is available as a e-course


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