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How To Overcome Your Weakness!
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How To Overcome Your Weakness!

Today I would like to start out by talking about what weakness is exactly. A Lack of passion for that area of your life you fear to do or to try to do well. Building blocks to something greater. You need to overcome your weakness and turn them into your strengths.

This is a way of thinking that you learned from observing people, your parents, a teacher or a friend. You then embraced this way of thinking, by being told this was your weakness. We all can recall this one “Don’t talk until you are spoken to.” Now is this a weakness of yours? Talking to people, this could be why. See this is something you have learned, but the good thing is you can now unlearn these things.

Weakness is an area of your life that you have accepted, something that you drag around, that slows you down, because this is the way you were taught. You saw someone acting this way so you took it as the truth, this was something that you observed. Engage the necessary pattern of thinking to unlearn what is not working and build it into a strength. When you get past the average you will pass the greatness on to others. You must choose to change the way you were taught or told.

You can choose to use your weakness or choose to strengthen them, it‘s your choice. Pay attention, nurture and you will flourish, do not ignore your weakness. Don’t be afraid to tackle them, they just need to be built.

There are no weakness in people, they are only choices, because you have allowed those choices. Choices and decisions drive success, especially in leadership. Choose to make decisions to embrace it and move past it, don’t put it on the back burner. Engage, write it down, whatever is stopping you to get past your weakness.

Is your weakness in team building, communicating, people skills, time management, organization skills, distractions, the list can go on and on. You need to establish the cause, conquer it and reconstruct your thinking

Here’s a few things to help you conquer them. Make a detailed picture without that weakness, an image in your mind. Next write it down, get yourself a planner and make a list, get a plan together, work on it everyday. Start living into that image one day at a time, by building that weakness. Ask yourself questions, how do you release this weakness, who did you learn this weakness from. Now go and unlearn it, get a new plan and start living it one day at a time. Its that simple, just prioritize your dream and live into it.

Unlearn your weakness and use them as stepping stones to greater strengths. Start finding ways to turn your weakness into strengths. There are no weakness in people, they are only the choices, because you have allowed those choices.

Study, Research and get past it , the laws of god will make this happen if you are willing to grow.

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Great follow up there Chery thanks. Gary

  about 4 years ago
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