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How To Profit From Outbound Links
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Creating outbound links to pages other than affiliate offers has never been a very fun task for most webmasters. The reasons are obvious. Who wants to spend a bunch of time and effort creating content and building traffic to their site only to send their readers to someone else's site? Some say that creating outbound links to other authority sites is good for rankings. Others may not agree but most of us can agree that linking to other authority sites can be beneficial to our readers and that is what we're after.

With the right tools and a little creativity, it is possible to send readers to an unaffiliated authority site and still:

  • Present an affiliate offer
  • Get pay per lead sign-ups
  • Build an email list
  • Finally make money with social media

Affiliate Offers

Even people who have absolutely no knowledge of affiliate marketing still seem to able to sense very quickly that they might be sold to. If you can write purely informative content and naturally link to an authority site, you can still present an offer right from the page you've linked to. This could substantially increase the number of people who see your offer. This can also be a great way to get people to sign up for mailing lists run by companies with affiliate programs as well as pay per leads.

Building A List

"The money is in the list." Ever heard that? I used to think marketers where exaggerating the importance of building a list but I have come to recognize how wrong I was. I have bought products that where promoted through emails from lists that I had subscribed to years before! You may not be at the point in your business where building a list feasible, but you should consider it somewhere down the road.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is engaged with social media in one way or another. Making money with social media is another thing. Savvy marketers are building niche fan pages and using the tool I am about to show you to send people to related articles within their niche and make sales from those pages. In fact, you don't even need to own a website to profit with this tool!

Caution: While this tool can be a great opportunity to profit on what might have otherwise been "lost traffic", it can also be abused. I never cared for "sleazy" marketing methods designed to steal sales from others. I would only use it to link to authority sites who have no commercial intent such as news sites or even corporate sites that don't offer products that the readers may benefit from.

Side note: This is a paid WordPress plugin. I am not an affiliate for this product, I just think it's a very cool plugin.

Street Talk

Absolutely franco1, and that tool I talked about is an excellent way to encourage signups from someone else'e site.

  about 9 years ago

Building the list is an important factor for success in web business. it will give room for promotion of affiliate products.

  about 9 years ago
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