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How To Start An Online Business
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During this time of economic upheaval and uncertainty more and more people are turning to the Internet to start an Online Business to earn extra income, supplement or replace their existing income.

Earning income at home using the internet has now become possible for even those who are new to the internet if you are willing to invest some time and effort.

Despite the current economic recession the use of the internet as a marketplace has continued to increase. In 09’ retail e-commerce sales were $131.4 Billion and is expected to rise to $198.3 Billion by 2013. That’s almost a 50% increase.

If you follow the right steps even someone with a very limited amount of knowledge and experience with computers and the internet can learn how to start an online business by tapping into this gigantic marketplace. There are some traps however to be avoided.

The “Get Rich Quick” or “One Click Way to Richs” products and schemes NEVER WORK! That’s right, they never work. How do you think I learned this?

Unfortunately the internet is plagued with scammers and unscrupulous people whose only goal is to separate you from you hard earned money to enrich themselves. Avoid them like the plague.

Not only will they take your money but they will waste your time which can’t be replaced and will give you false hope.

Please don’t get the wrong idea that the only way to make a lot of money on the internet is to be dishonest or mislead people. That simply isn’t true.

Set your sights on helping people by selecting a product or service that will provide an honest solution to people’s problems and the money will follow.

In this article we shall take a look at one of the proven ways to start an online business

It does require Work!

Every real business requires hard work to become successful. No, I don’t mean working 12 hours a day raking your brain, missing meals, neglecting your family and not going to the gym or church. What I mean to say is it takes effort. The right kind of effort and time spent wisely.

The old adage that “you get what you pay for” or “what you deserve” applies to starting up and operating any kind of business. If you are passionate about what you are doing, willing to learn new things and work hard you will achieve success and accomplish your goals.

However, getting started is the hardest part. Once you take that all important first step in the right direction you will begin to pick up momentum. Once you get your first marketing campaign in place and make that first sale it takes a lot less effort to keep moving ahead.

It might take you a few days, a week, or even a month or more before you see that first sale but from that point on it is just a matter of repeating the correct steps and duplicating the effort and before long you will be on your way to creating a serious income online.

To quote a line from an Anthony Hopkins movie: “What one man can do another can do”.

What is the best type of Online Business?

One of the most profitable and least expensive online businesses to start is known as Affiliate Marketing.

There is an almost an unlimited variety of physical and digital products which are supplied by various marketplaces known as affiliate networks on the internet. You can promote these products without owning them and you will receive a commission for your efforts if the customer you attracted with your marketing efforts goes on to purchase a product from the merchant’s site.

All of this is tracked through special links, known as affiliate links and software that keeps track of sales coming from you, how much you have earned, etc. Once you reach a threshold of usually $100 for that month you are paid by check or EFT.


Why Affiliate Marketing?

The three biggest advantages of Affiliate Marketing are you don’t have to own your own product, you can get started for almost nothing, and the income potential is almost unlimited. Five figure monthly incomes are very common for experienced affiliate marketers and many earn as much as One Million Per Year or even more marketing to several niches.

To create a four figure income per month is relatively common but still requires effort and learning to do the right things.

Most of the Affiliate Networks are free to join and most will even provide you with support and marketing tools such as Landing Pages, Banners, etc. In fact the only costs to starting an Affiliate Marketing business are a Domain name and website Hosting.

You can go to one of the many high quality hosting companies like and purchase a domain name for as little as $12 per year and pick out a website template, fill it with content, photos, and videos and links and you are off to the races for just about $75 per year. But, before that…..

Select a Niche Market!

The ideal Niche Market is one that you are Passionate about and have a lot of knowledge of. Or one you are willing to learn about. You would be amazed at the many easy ways there are to research niche possibilities. Almost any one can be very profitable.

Once you settle on a Niche Market you need to research and understand just who it is that is looking for the products you have to offer and build your marketing campaigns to attract those people. Now, you can purchase a Domain name using Keywords that are used in searches for the niche products you are marketing and build your Website with content to market to your chosen niche market.

How do I drive Traffic to my Website?

This of course is the million dollar question. Literally! Better stated is “How do I get Relevant Traffic…”. This is the Key to the Kingdom! Master this step of the equation and you actually have given yourself a very good chance of becoming a millionaire.

In simple terms, your goal as an Online Business owner or Affiliate Marketer is to drive potential customers each and every day to these affiliate network company’s website in order for you to make money and grow your online business.

Some of the strategies you will want to learn and implement are Email Marketing, Social Network Marketing, Article Marketing, Classified Ads (on free publications like CraigsList), and Pay Per Click Ads (PPC). PPC is not free and carries some significant risk.

More and more people are attracted to this easy way of setting up an internet business known as Affiliate Marketing. Now, in all candor, there is a lot more to it than just setting up a website and waiting for orders to come flooding in. The strategies I mentioned above can be very effective but each one requires specialized knowledge that must be learned.

Why Effective Marketing is important!

The key is to be relevant to your customers and you do that by placing yourself in their shoes. If you were a customer looking to purchase a half inch drill it is important for the internet marketer to understand that you really don’t want a half inch drill.

What you really want is a half inch hole. Right? Well, maybe not entirely but what you want are the benefits of being able to produce a half inch hole. For example, your niche might be Hole Burning Lasers (I don’t know if there is such a thing) and you structure your campaign to attract prospects who believe that a common half inch twist drill will solve their problems.

Let’s say your Acme Laser Hole Burner will drill a variety of holes of different shapes and sizes faster. These are the benefits you must emphasize to your prospective customer. This principal holds true in any type of marketing whether it be Class. Ads, TV, Radio, etc. Sell the BENEFITS!

How do I go about learning Internet Marketing?

Obviously, we have only touched on the basics of How to Start an Online Business focusing on Affiliate Marketing. This article is not intended to be a complete training tutorial.

One method of Learning Online Marketing is the WAG method, short for “Wild Ass Guessing” or trial and error.

As you know you can learn just about anything by searching Online but of course that takes time and time can be your worst enemy when starting a new business or career. If time is of No Object continue to do your research and start experimenting. Do some keyword research and select your niche. Go ahead and purchase some domain names and set up a website. Experiment with email, article, social media, or PPC marketing to drive traffic to your new website. Experiment with links and keyword density to see what works best. Research the articles on Google’s latest algorithm changes to rank websites and articles. Tweak the keyword density to see what gets you ranked indexed highest in the search results.

Another way to learn online or affiliate marketing is to visit the Forums and Blogs including mine that are centered around Internet Marketing. There are numerous books you can read on How to Start an Online Business. Unfortunately, by the time the book is written, published, marketed and read they are somewhat obsolete because the internet keeps changing.

Another option is locate a physical University that offers Internet Related courses (Usually found under Continuing Education) that can be studied at home, online. What I have found is that these courses offer somewhat generalized training and may not take you where you want to go. In some cases this can take up to a year or more to complete. Also, some of these courses are not updated often enough to give you the latest internet trends and technical changes plus I am skeptical of the instructors. If they are competent to teach internet marketing their time would be better spent at their own internet businesses.

An excellent option is to join up with one of the Internet Online Marketing Courses being offered by many companies and individuals Online. The best way to learn is from someone who is a currently successful internet marketer.

Another very good option is to take advantage of some of the Free Internet Marketing Courses.

There are FREE Affiliate Marketing Courses available that will provide you with plenty of training and resources to start your own Affiliate Marketing business.


In this article we have taken a look at one of the many possible ways of How to Start an Online Business and how to go about it.

Affiliate Marketing is one way to start an Online Business that has very low risk and very high Income Potential when done properly.

Avoid SCAMMERS at all times! Make Helping People your goal and the money will follow! Get some High Quality Training.

For more information on the subject of Internet Marketing visit me online.

Best of Luck,

K. Les Baker

Street Talk

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