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How To Start Building Your Email List
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Building your email list isn’t as difficult as you may think. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, one thing that you must have on every page of your website is your signup form for your email list. That is a good start. But, having the form on your site doesn’t necessarily guarantee that anyone reading your site will want to go as far as signing up for your newsletter. That’s another reason why a great looking site with your all-important great content is on every page, along with your signup form. I will restate the obvious here that you need to make sure your site is interesting enough to entice people to sign-up for your list.

One area that I think you should pay strict attention to, is to make sure your site is relevant and is what your reader expects to find when they arrive at your homepage. Think of your homepage as the first thing a customer sees when they walk into your store. Within the first few seconds, a customer will sense whether or not they want to continue shopping. The same applies to someone arriving at your site. If your site is not interesting to them, they will simply click away and go somewhere else that is interesting to them.

Once you’re sure that you’ve got a winning homepage, and it’s interesting and relevant, you now need to find a way to have your reader sign-up for your list. When you have your list and it's growing, it's time to change your thinking from how to start building your email list to what steps to take to keep your list interested. Think about what makes you signup for a list. What are your reasons? Is it because you’re offered a free, relevant gift that peaks your interest? Most likely, yes. You see, all of us like to receive something for free, especially when it has high-perceived value to us, right? This is the hook that will get people to sign up for your list. If they like what you offered them, they will become loyal readers.

Offering a free gift such as a report about the topic of your website is a great way to get people interested, and it can dramatically increase your signups. A word of caution here is to make sure you always deliver quality to your list and treat everyone on the list with the highest level of respect that you can muster. Your reputation is at stake each time you send a letter to your list, so make sure it’s as good as it can be. Once you start to build a respectful reputation in your niche, you will automatically begin to receive more traffic to your site, which also means more signups to your list.

One last thing I would to mention is about using a squeeze page to get signups. A squeeze page is a form that is the first thing a person sees when he “clicks here,” for example. A form will appear that offers a free report (or an ebook, or something else of value to your reader) and lists the benefits of receiving it. The only way they can get to the rest of your site is by completing that initial form (the “squeeze” in squeeze page) with their first name and their email address. They get your free report and you get their name on your list.

If you start with the tips I’ve given you here, I think you will see a decent increase in your signups to your list.

Before I leave you today, I have a question. If you could easily learn more about the techniques mentioned here along with more in-depth information about Internet marketing, would you be interested?

Thank You.

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