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How To Start Up Online Business, Part -1 : Overview
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How To Start Up Online Business, Part -1 : Overview this series of articles we are going to discuss in detail how to start up online business. This article itself is an overview of the complete business process. We shall discuss the individual elements in detail, in the subsequent articles. So let’s begin with our discussion - how to start up online business, right away.

We just need to have a three page website as the base of our online business. And those three pages are:

1) A Squeeze Page.

2) A Thank you Page.

3) A Download Page.

Again what is a Squeeze Page…? This is a special type of website, with the only purpose of capturing the names and e-mail addresses of visitors to our site. We do not sell anything on a squeeze page. And to keep the things simple, we only offer one course of action to our squeeze page visitors – that is to give us their details.

To make the visitors give their details to us, we need to give away some useful free gift at our squeeze page.

This free gift is generally a downloadable eBook. Now some of the people visiting our site will give their details for the free gift. But that will happen only if the free gift we have on offer, is of value to the visitors.

We achieve our purpose by adding an “opt-in form” at our squeeze page. An opt-in form is simply an interface that serves the purpose of capturing the details entered by the visitor and passing it to our database.

Whenever someone signs-up at your squeeze page, two things happen:

i) A Thank-you page appears immediately, and

ii) The details of the visitors are added to your prospect list.

You can post a sale offer at your Thank-you Page, but primarily its purpose is to inform the visitor that an e-mail containing a download link to the free gift has been sent to the address provided by them.

Now the e-mail sent to your prospects contains a link to our Download Page. The download page in turn contains link to download the free gift we offer.

The prospect list is managed by a service called Auto-responder. The auto-responder saves the details that are entered by the visitors at your squeeze page, and immediately sends out a pre-written mail in your name – in this case containing a link to your Download Page. Also the auto-responder shall send your follow up messages that you have stored into it.

Building a Prospect List first is fundamental to success of any online business. Most people overlook these steps – either they don’t know them, or are too much in a hurry to make money. But, this is the intelligent way to make money online. These days, sending traffic directly to a sales page does not work.

Once you get this process fully, you can do it time and time again. It genuinely does work.

Here we pause our discussion for this article. We shall continue with our discussion on How To Start Up Online Business in our next article. Have a nice time…and spare some time for your valuable suggestions/feedback.

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