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How To Supplement Your Income
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In this article we are going to take a look at a couple of very realistic, legitimate and time-proven ways of how to supplement your income, the benefits of each, and how to get started.

The tremendous growth of Internet Retail Sales has created a lot of income opportunities for those willing to learn and work to be able to supplement your income or make a fulltime income.

Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing

Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing both are proven ways to supplement your income. Also, both of them have some similarities as well as big differences.

They are not for everybody but they are certainly worth taking a serious look at.

Most of us are all too familiar with Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM). Names like Amway, Herbalife, Mary Kay, or even Shaklees all ring a bell but unfortunately most people have had a friend or relative who was involved with one of the many MLM companies.

They probably wore you out telling you about how rich you could get by “Just signing up” and you could quit your job in just a couple weeks. And, how wonderful their products are, etc.

Don’t let that turn you away from what might be the ideal opportunity for you.

Times have changed! Much of the MLM industry still operates that same way such as: Make a list of all your Family, Relatives, Friends and Co workers (Only the ones you don’t care if they ever speak to you again.) and go tell them about the Product/s and Opportunity. Invite them to the meeting you have planned at your house and try and sell and recruit them.

That old method of operation still works just fine however more and more people are using the Internet to sell, recruit and teach.

Advantages of Network Marketing MLM

  • There is a vast array of products you can promote from skin care products prepaid legal services and almost everything in between.
  • Strong Company Support usually with name recognition.
  • Opportunity to utilize or develop your leadership skills.
  • Work at home.
  • Set your own hours.
  • Build Residual Income.

Disadvantages of Network Marketing MLM

  • Almost always you have to purchase the products for your own use which is fine. This is what builds volume down through your organization but most companies have a minimum amount which can be a financial drain if you are not making money from the business yet.
  • Since you are typically working with one company as an independent contractor which is fine as long is it is a financially solid company but if it gets hit with a big lawsuit for example like what happened to Herbalife back in the 1980s you could learn the tough lesson of not putting all your eggs in one basket like I did.
  • Probably you will have an experienced “Up Line” manager to help and teach you however it is very common for many of the MLM pros to jump ship and hook up with the next MLM company that comes along. Mostly because your chances of doing well with a company depend on how close to the ground floor you get in on. Usually that “Up Line” Manager will try and recruit people from his “Down Line” including you and those under you and there goes your business and income.
  • Typically you have to devote significant time to training and motivating your “Down Line” or they just get discouraged and drop out.
  • Minimum Production Requirements. This will vary for each company but can create unwanted pressure.

I would suggest that you choose the company you are going to build your business around very carefully. Research the company and their products and look for bad reviews, complaints, and law suits.

The Business Plan is important but the emphasis should always be on the product/s. If they don’t offer quality products that provide a solution or fill a need for people move on.

You can expect to find very good training from the company and your immediate “Up Line” however, if you do not possess some computer or internet skills you will need some specialized training which is available and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Network Marketing is a proven income opportunity whether you are looking for a way to supplement your income or create a fulltime income.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Most people who spend any time on the internet have at least heard of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is the marketing of products by individual private contractors (You) that are available for sale by a Private Affiliate Merchants or an Affiliate Network.

The Private Contractor (You) join the Merchant’s Affiliate Network (Usually for free). You are then assigned an unique “Affiliate Link” that you will use in your online marketing efforts such as with a Website, Classified Ads, Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Networking, and Pay Per Click.

Your job as an Affiliate Marketer is to attract prospective customers and direct them to your Affiliate’s Website where the transaction actually takes place using the Affiliate Merchant’s check out system.

The Merchant who inventories the products then processes the order and ships it. They also provide the customer support and handle complaints and refunds which usually are NOT charged back to your account.

Your only job is to attract customers with your chosen marketing campaigns.

Some Affiliate Merchants or Networks actually pay you a commission to recruit other Affiliate Marketers in addition to marketing their products. This is one of the similarities it has with MLM.

Some Other Advantages of Affiliate Marketing are:

  • Work from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Set your own hours.
  • No Products to buy.
  • No meetings to attend or conduct.
  • Very low Start-up cost. You could get started for as little as $100 (Cost for a Domain Name and a Website).
  • Almost unlimited products to market and you can Affiliate with as many Merchants as you like so you don’t have too many eggs in one basket.
  • Get paid automatically. Once you build your campaign you could conceivably continue to receive income for years to come.
  • Unlimited income potential if you are willing to learn and work at it. It is relatively easy to create a $300 to $500 income per year however many Affiliate Marketers actually earn over five plus figure incomes per month and some much more.
  • No Minimum production!
  • Residual Income!

Most Affiliate Merchants or Networks are very supportive and will provide you with tools such as banners and in some cases landing pages however you will still need to get some specialized training for Internet Affiliate Marketing.

As I mentioned above there are some excellent FREE Internet and Affiliate Marketing courses available that I would encourage you to take advantage of regardless of which one you decide to pursue.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

The Internet is constantly evolving and changing. What works now to get your advertising high ranking with the Search Engines SEO might not work next week. You need to stay on top of what is going on with the Internet.

It could take up to 30 days before you start to see any income from your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing has been around for years and is used by big companies such as Walmart and Sears. It is a tried and proven internet income opportunity that will allow you to create supplement income or fulltime income.


Both Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing offer time proven, excellent opportunities to supplement your income or in fact create a fulltime income at home.

We have looked at the advantages and disadvantages of each depending upon your own preferences.

I would encourage you to get some high quality training regardless of which way you decide to go.

Best of luck,

K. Les Baker

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