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Increase Traffic; Your Website Will Profit - Maybe
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Increase Traffic; Your Website Will Profit  -  Maybe

If you increase traffic your website will profit - maybe! If the average conversion rate is about 1% and you double your traffic then you should double your conversions, right? Not necessarily. Half of the key to making money on the internet is to bring massive amounts of traffic to your website; the other half is converting that traffic and getting your "call to action". You can have all the traffic in the world but if you don't convert then you don't make money, and after all, that's what our motivation is.

Finding Killer Keywords

When I talk about finding killer keywords, I mean KILLER KEYWORDS. In contrast to the low hanging fruit theory, I'm talking about kw's that have a monthly search of over 3000! Yes, that's what you read, over 3000! That's not to say that it can always be done, but the best time spent is in FINDING KILLER KEYWORDS. Don't just be satisfied with the first thing you find that meets the minimum parameters. Spend the time to research your kw's. Spend three hours if you have to. In the scheme of things, you'll have the website forever, so what's a few hours? You still need to keep the competition low - the lower the better. On the Jaaxy scorecard, I prefer under 300. Again, that's not always possible, but if you don't look - you won't find! If you find the kw that fits those guidelines then bottom line is that you increase traffic; your website will rank almost right out of the gate.

The Art of PreSelling

The art of preselling goes hand in hand with good content. I'm not going to dwell on that subject because there's thousands of articles that expound the virtues of quality content and I won't debate that for an instant. If you don't have good content then the art of preselling is a moot point. Preselling means getting traffic to your website that's ready to buy; preconvinced if you will. Before you can do that you have to answer some questions. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Who are they and why are they searching those kw's? Finally, what do they want? When you know the answers to these questions then it's easier to find a kw that's geared to attract your traffic. Say for example you're selling tools, then what your kw is saying is not 'tools' but why your tools are the best tools for what the reader wants. Or if it's dieting, your kw isn't about dieting, it's about why this diet works better than all of the rest.

Increase Traffic; Your Website Needs Conversions

Now you've got the traffic to your site; you still need conversions. Your content has to answer the buyer's questions and satisfy their need. Put yourself on the line and sell yourself! Tell the reader in a review how you were in their position and how you looked at several products that didn't cut the mustard but finally found one that worked. Don't try to sell the product! Just be real. Don't be all positive either. Every product has a negative, but if it doesn't outweigh the positive then the buyer won't run off.

Tips and tactics for SEO weight

There are many more tips and tactics for SEO weight that need to be utilized. Targeted traffic and conversions, however, are the key to making sales. That being said, increase traffic; your website will profit!

Street Talk

Great points Stephen. The pre selling is so important.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Stephen, good points, very positive approach, Regards Keith

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for the great info, Steve. The following comment has nothing to do with your post, but I thought you'd enjoy hearing it anyway: spring training starts in less than two months. :-)

  about 1 decade ago
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