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Information Marketing Success Stories | From Real People Just Like You!
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Information Marketing Success Stories | From Real People Just Like You!

In the book "The official get Rich Guide to Information Marketing by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer Robert Skrob provide examples of real people that have created successful information marketing business.

I will try and summarize their stories to include the experiences before they developed an information product - the niche they have identified along with a discussion of their first products and concluding with a review of what they are doing now.

Jordan McAuley

Started his first business as a high school student.

Jordon has been info-marketer a long time - since high school, as a matter of fact. Jason bought a couple of lists of celebrity addresses and resold them in other magazines

Jordon was lucky enough in college to have internships with CNN in the publicity dept - a modeling agency in South Beach and with Turner Entertainment. These experiences and opportunities helped Jordan learn the business side of marketing and publicity.

Jason now has websites on how to make your book famous, and a strategic marketing and publicity firm that specializes in getting celebrity endorsements.

Ari Galper

Turned a direct sales process into a info-buisness

Ari was working as a corporate trainer teaching sales representatives who were calling prospects and new accounts trying to close the sale. He developed a system that he called the "Unlock the Game" Ari explained the system as a way to replace the idea of trying to make the sale to allow the prospect to talk freely.

Ari offers a free one hour audio seminar called the "7 Sales Secret Even the Sales Gurus Don't know!" and several different products called the "Starter Pack".

Pamela Yellen

The story of a frequent flier who turned in her wings - Taking "Bank on Yourself" to the bank.

Pamela was a motivational speaker doing over 100 gigs a year teaching insurance agents and financial advisors how to do their prospecting and marketing. She started to try selling products in the back of the room for next to nothing and hardly sold any of the products

As she grew tired of all the traveling Pamela started to think of ways to broaden her business. She started by running ads in financial magazines for information on how you can grow your savings and best ways to invest your money.

Today Pamela uses lead generation ads and free tele-seminars to educate insurance agents and financial advisors on her membership programs and access to her moneymaking tools.

Marc Lerner

Life Skills was born out of Marc's personal struggle with multiple sclerosis. Since there is no cure for MS yet Marc decided to he would be responsible for how he dealt with his condition.

Marc stared by doing seminars to combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorders; people facing life-threatening illness like Aids or Cancer and the mentally ill homeless.

To expand his business he eventually turned the seminar materials into E-books.

Marc is legally blind and several other handicaps so he needed to create partnerships with others to perform functions like website development.

Now Marc is distributing his e-books on Amazon and his website and he still does his seminars.

I personally found his story to be very inspiring.

Steve Kornfield

Easy Veterinary Marketing Techniques create Profitable Business

As a Dr of Veterinarian medicine, Dr Kornfield realized that the vast majority of Veterinarian's treated there business as a hobby and there was opportunity for a product to help them increase their practice. The average veterinary professional grosses around 300,000 per year and many studies have shown that many more could be doing over $1 million - this is the niche that Steve thought he could market his products.

He started by offering free seminars that he would try to convert to one on one coaching sessions. This lead to books and a course "Secrets to Eliminating Chaos in your Practice" that is a step by step system to increasing your veterinary practice.

I would suggest this system could be modified to just about any business that could be created and marketed locally.

T.J. Rohleder

There's "no place like home" for marketing millions: A small - town info-marketer from Kansas has rags to riches story.

T.J. started buying get rich and multilevel programs and never made a single dime - but did learn goal setting and became a self-development "junkie". After his wife made the observation that the only people making money are the ones that are selling the programs and plans.

T.J. decided to create his information product that was a combination of several products that he had purchased and ran adds in several magazines and 20 years later, they have sold millions of dollars in products.

Greg Milner

Uses Seminars, Direct mail, Newsletters, email, ads, tele-seminars, internet to generate leads

Greg Milner from Perth, on the west of coast of Australia has created a global business of selling big ticket marketing, sales tool kits, website memberships, and coaching to beauty salons, day spas and hair salons to 14 countries.

Greg's strategy is to determine the "Starving Crowd" or market that will produce income and build equity. he then will hire an expert to create sample ads and materials that meets the expectations of the market and markets with direct and internet marketing.

Art Sobczak

How one info-marketers leveraged his business to create Lucrative speaking opportunities

Art worked in training people on telephone sales (aka telemarketing). He started by creating a newsletter "Telephone Selling report" and offered it for free for one year. After one year he had about 500 people on his mailing list. He then started charging $79 per year with about 60% converting to paid subscriptions. In addition he had customers who may pay for seminars, and other products

Art now claims over 35,000 subscribers, with over 40 products that he sells on the internet.

Fabienne Fredrickson

It's 3:00 AM and Fabienne Fredrickson is sleeping like a baby

Fabienne worked in the corporate world of advertising, marketing and sales. She decided to quit her job and become her own boss and opened a nutrition practice in her home.

She initially struggled to get clients, until one night she determined to figure out a repeatable and verifiable process to attract clients. She talked to coaches, read books, and took courses and determined there was no one place that put all the tools and systems to attract customers. So she decided to put an information product that put everything together for the self employed person.

Fabienne has now created business that sells client attracting information products and does one on one coaching

Brett Fogle:

Built an Information marketing business with joint ventures, he went from zero to 7 figures with zero advertising.

Bret created Options University by creating joint ventures with the best options trader and internet marketer that he could sign up. He would structure the deals to allow up to 35% of the sales to the partners and another 10% to the affiliate manger.

Brett feels the most effective way to launch a internet businesses is create joint ventures with people who have the experience. Basically the partnership allows the right person to leverage his experience with your resources and energy to a profitable win-win situation.

Dave Dee:

Created a information marketing business by Magic.

Dave was a struggling professional magician - he was a pretty good magician but lousy at booking shows. Dave purchased the "Magnetic Marketing" course by Dan Kennedy and by the end of the fourth month he was averaging 30 shows a month.

This got him to thinking why not create a package to sell other magicians on how market their shows and leverage what you all ready know. Dave started by running adds in trade magazines. His first adds would say something like "If you want to book more shows call a prerecorded message that offered a free report that was followed by a series of letters that basically was making case to purchase his Magician marketing course. Dave has expanded his courses tailored to other services business such as doctors, lawyers, dentists and chiropractors.

Ted Thomas

Foreclosure Can be a good thing Just ask Ted Thomas

Ted's first career was as an airline pilot for Aloha Airlines He then went into the real estate business in California. He built a company that owned over $200 million worth of Real Estate. He fortunes all changed in 1986 when the IRS rules changed and didn't allow the write off of real estate. This resulted in the depreciation of the commercial real estate by up to 35%. His business went away and he was forced into bankruptcy that resulted in the foreclosure on his own home.

He crawled out of bankruptcy by purchasing foreclosed houses and reselling them. A lucky break came when he was interviewed by the local paper. After a number of requests from a readers requesting more information on his system - Ted began to do one on one coaching, this lead to a book and Seminars. He would eventually record and sell his seminars on audio tapes. Ted now has a business of buying distressed properties and wholesaling them along with his seminars and books.

Alexandra Brown:

Is the Queen of the E-Zine

Ali started with a email list of 10 people and grew it to greater than 50,0000. She did this by creating valuable and unique marketing content. She started by emailing a marketing tip of the week to her small list and soon the list started to grow as people requested to be added to her list. it all changed for her when she brought home a new kitten - she started to write about the kittens along with her Newsletter and found this little information on cats established a connection with her readers. She soon expanded to e-books and other ventures that she runs from her California Beach front home.

Bob Serling

From computer manuals to "info millions"

Bob was working as a technical writer of computer manuals to make them understandable for his colleagues at the bank where he worked.

He started to run adds in trade magazines for people that understood technical and financial information and quickly built a pretty good client list

Bob transitioned into a information marketer when he started to refer to himself as a consultant and started to charge for his services

Because of his engineering background Bob would always strive to determine the repeatable process that he could package as information product. Bobs main product shows people how they can use 7 steps to create e-mail copy, web page copy, sales letters and space advertizement.

Troy White

From Making Corporate Sales Calls to Making Money in His sleep.

Troy used to sell computers for big companies. he grew tired of working for "The Man" and began to learn copy writing by taking several courses. He eventually started writing sales copy for his wife's Wedding Planning business and eventually started writing books and doing seminars for small businesses on how to write great copy that sells.

Now Troy runs a business on the internet that specializes in small business copyrighting

Robert Bly

Runs a Information business in only 27 minutes each day

Bob spent 25 years as writing copy for dozens of of newsletter publishers, technology companies, financial services and health care companies.

Bob created a e-book called "Write and Grow Rich" an he followed that by another product "The Internet Marketing Retirement Program" that provided a step by step process of creating and marketing an information marketing product

Bob now claims he only 27 minutes each day by sending weekly email to his customer list. He tries to outsources all of his other activities such as website and other copyrighting tasks.

Joe Polish

A different sort of ELF "Easy Lucrative and Fun"

Joe was struggling running his carpet cleaning business until he bought Gary Halbert's newsletter. He balked at the steep price of $197 per year - until he read in one of Gary's articles that a smart person would rather pay $1000 for 10 pages of useful information than $10 for 300 pages of fluff.

Joe was hooked and purchased a $2000 video set and put it to good use. His carpet cleaning business increased from $2000 per month to $12000 a month without buying any new equipment or learning any new carpet cleaning techniques.

Joe began selling his marketing techniques to other carpet cleaning business and increased his business even more - within 3 years he was selling over half a million dollars a year.

Joe now runs Piranha Marketing that specializes in providing the tools, systems and training to create easy, lucrative and fun business.

Robin Robins

From zero to 41.4 million in two years: the story of a telemarketing baby sitter who cut her teeth by selling frozen meat

Robin has a background that is very like many of us her parents divorced when she was in high school and she quit school to work and she eventually would acquire her GED.

Robin would work Monday thru Saturday cleaning houses and working in a flower shop. Robin had a lot to overcome before she would begin to her journey to a successful information marketing business.

Things changed for Robin when she accepted a job as an administrative assistant to a telemarketing manger. Long story short the Manager was arrested for tax evasion and Robin was thrust into the position of babysitting the department until another manager could be found. She was curious of how hard it was to sell something over the phone. She would watch Zig Ziglar tapes on selling. Robing became quit successful at cold call selling so much so that in her early 20's she was making $70,000 per year more than many with college degrees.

Armed with her experiences and information from Tony Robbins she started a marketing coaching business. Along with the coaching programs there is also technology Marketing toolkit that provides the fastest and easiest way for Small IT Business Owners to acquire clients and sales on small budget.

Scott Tucker

Created a $3 million a year Income in 18 Months

Scott was a top mortgage broker performer when he decided he could make more if he would offer his marketing tactics as part of package that includes a license to use his propriety direct marketing materials, web-site design, a monthly coaching call and three two-day in person meetings a year

Scott's business model is to work with a small group of high net worth customers to make a significant income.

Bottom line

My observation of these success stories is that they have following in common:

  1. Had experience that they transferred into a information product - many had a sales background
  2. All had to generate internet traffic and a following from zero
  3. They had success and failures in starting their internet information marketing business
  4. #1 attribute I noticed was persistence to be successful - they would keep trying until they figured out how to market to their niche.

Everyone of these individuals are on the internet now with products to sell - I would encourage you to Google them - maybe even opt into their email list and request the free products to see what happens next.

Successful information marketers make a lot of money, work hard, and some live well.

If you know of other info-marketing success stories or resources please feel fee to share below.

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