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Internet Marketing 10: Collecting Names And Email Addresses
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Internet gurus sell to their mailing list. They may introduce a new product and earn many thousands of dollars in just a few days. That is one advantage of Internet Marketing. Things can move very fast.

The guru will entice new people to his mailing list by placing an ad on the Internet saying he made $36,789.45 in only 36 hours and it is his greatest desire to have you be able to do the same. What he doesn't tell you is that it took him seven years to build his precious list and that he sent out a special offer. But he gets you on his list, butters you up making you think he is an expert, and sells you more and more stuff until you are as penniless as he claims he was before he met the hermit in the desert that told him the secret of success.

Whether you are a guru or not, you will need a mailing list to maximize your potential to sell. Everyone I know who is making real money (big money) on the Internet is selling to a mailing list. Some have a number of mailing lists. Visitors on his page about apple growing are sent to one list and others visiting his page on fishing in the arctic are sent to another list. As I said, you need a service such as Aweber or GetResponse to keep track of everything.

The forms (scripts) you need to collect names and email addresses are provided by the list builders. When a person first subscribes to receive information from you, you need to have a welcoming message sent to him by the listing service's auto responder. You can have a number of lists and a number of welcoming messages. Then you should have other information prepared that can be sent out on your schedule. You can send an instant message to all the members on your list whenever you want to. You can do what the gurus do, sell, sell, sell.

Remember that you will sell nothing without personal credibility. This you must build. You must be friendly, polite, and ethical. You must promote yourself as a trusted expert who only will recommend what is good for you. You are the guru!

Actually you don't need to sell anything at all if you can get a lot of people returning to your site for information. Adsense can make you pretty good money. You allow Google to put ads on your page and they pay you for clicks.

The more interaction you have with your visitors, the more popular your site will become. The more valuable it will become.

Fly Old Glory!

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