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Internet Marketing 11: Selling To Your Email List
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Do you ever get an email that says, This is Hot!?

That means watch out! This is a sales pitch! The email may read like this: I just got a call from my old friend and personal mentor, Richard. He told me about a great new product that can increase your Internet income by ten fold. It is amazing. Click Here! You can try this for 60 days with a money-back guarantee. If it doesn't work for you, just say you want your money back. No questions asked. Click Here! I tried this product and in seven minutes I earned $123.00. That is 25,302.86 a day! Click Here! By the way, Richard says he made $450,000.00 over the Holiday Season. Wow! We can all get a start on that with Richard's newest idea. Click Here Now!

Readers who trust the writer will click and go to the pitch page where Richard will try to sell them. He will start with a video showing how much money his new system as generate. Then he will give you numerous testimonies saying how great Richard and his products is. Then he will bribe you with gifts worth $2,678.00 if you will just try the products, but if you decide to return the product or ask for your money, you get to keep the (probably worthless) gifts.

You might ask how Richard got all of those testimonials when the product is so new. He will have answer for that. He tested the product before formally introduced it. Maybe he wrote the testimonials himself. I know that some gurus do this. I have caught them doing it. If all the testimonials look like the same jerk wrote them, he probably did.

There is a difference in creating credibility and keeping it. You must not treat your list members as a bunch of dunderheads. You must show them respect. One way to keep folks on your “love list” is to offer only products that you have purchased and evaluated. You will not be convincing on your web pages and in your emails if you fail to do this. Then they will have a testimony they can believe.

Most all of your emails should not offer products. Oh you may add a link that the curious will click on but you really should be giving what you promised. The information that you promised should be relevant to what they were looking for in the first place. Each list gets different information. A good email message is that you have added more information to your web site that should be of interest to the reader.

The main reason that I un-subscribe from a list is that I am getting too many emails and too many sales pitches. Sometimes they offer to send fewer emails on the un-subcribe page. It is too late. I still un-subscribe.

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