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Internet Marketing 18: Business Ethics And Standards
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There are shysters doing business on the Internet. Because of this and the fact that some are not use to doing business on the Internet, web visitors are always suspicious. Even subscribing to a newsletter or requesting a free e-book can lead to a ton of trash in your email inbox. They are wary about taking any action on the Internet that will bring endless telephone calls from get-rich-quick scammers.

There is probably more trust in purchasing a product. A web user would probably by a novel or even a camera without checking out the vendor. But if they have a choice, they will choose a vendor they know and have dealt with before. Or perhaps they will accept a friend's recommendation. So the most important thing to remember in running a web business is integrity and reliability. Products must carry a guarantee. The old saying, "The customer is always right," is to be believed.

My policy is that if a product fails and has to be replaced at some cost even though it is not part of the guarantee, I at least subsidize the cost. Recently one of my customers had a problem when very high winds destroyed his product. I split the repair cost with him. If you expect your customer to trust you, you must also trust him. I accept payment by check sent directly to my home for customers who want to pay in this way. I know I could get hurt because I never hold a shipment while waiting for a check to arrive. (This is called, "Bad Business.") I know the type of people who buy my products so I can trust them. Sometimes folks are uncomfortable processing credit card payments on the Internet and they will call me on the telephone. (Yes, you should be accessible). I tell them that it is safe to order on my website and they most always go the site and place the order.

Guarantees and your return policy should be in writing. I don't use testimonials on my product sites because they can be so phony. But sincere testimonies are in order and you should use them. Customers want to know what is going on. I always acknowledge every order and I tell my customer when it will be shipped. I tell them when the product will arrive at their home or business. When I receive information, I relay it to my customer. And I aways thank my customer for each order.

As with every business, you should be considerate of your employees. From years in business I know how valuable an employee is in yearly income. They are not a liability but an asset and should be nurtured to perform at a higher level and paid according to their value. Employees have personal lives and sometimes they need special support. How far you go with this is up to you.

A friend of mine who ran a manufacturing company in Pittsburgh listened continually special needs of his employees. The employees were aware of this so they hushed up when they needed a new washing machine if he was there. They had the money to buy a washing machine because he paid them well, but if they knew that if he heard about the need, they would have a new washing machine installed when they got home.

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