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Internet Marketing Mentor - Where To Find The Best One
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What qualities should you look for in an Internet Marketing Mentor?

Before I tell you what to look for in the right one, I should probably tell you what NOT to look for in an internet marketing mentor. These things are:

- A mentor that tries to charge you money immediately without showing you everything they will offer

- A mentor that leaves you to find and pay for tools yourself to help in your internet marketing efforts

- A mentor that takes a long time to answer any questions that you may have

- A mentor that cares less about how well you do in the long run, and more about how quickly he gets paid

Once you start to see the characteristics that you should stay away from, you will start to recognize that it is going to be difficult when trying to find the right internet marketing mentor online. Since so many people are trying to make you buy their products and services everywhere you go, where will you find one you can trust?

It took me a long time on the internet going through all the different programs and memberships online, only to get disappointed in the end. Of course I managed to learn a few things during the courses, but the issue was that these certain courses only gave me "short term" information; information that taught me new quick ways to make money, but nothing that truly assisted me in my efforts, particularly if I didn't know what to do next or was lost.

Luckily, I spent a good amount of time online looking at different communities and asking everyone I could what I should look for in a mentor. After a while I started to get a pretty good understanding of what qualities a successful internet marketing mentor should have. These are :

- Recurring personal support from the mentor

- A big, informative list of training materials and walk-throughs

- A large selection of tools to help you in your internet marketing efforts

- A large forum where you can participate in good marketing conversations and members can help you out often

So after I spent a good amount of my hours looking at the right characteristics of an internet marketing mentor, I was referred to a mentoring program called Wealthy Affiliate. They offered me a large, informative list of guides and info on everything about internet marketing. These included : Writing Articles, Finding a profitable niche, Pay-per-click marketing, Building Wordpress sites quickly, and many more. As well as a very active forum and quality mentoring by the owners.

All these aspects of their services gave me the strength to get started, to move on whenever I felt lost or confused, and to always keep learning while building upon my achievements in internet marketing. I give more suggestions on mentoring and Wealthy Affiliate on my website,

In short, never spend your resources on an internet marketing mentor that doesn't genuinely want to help you find success. Look for the qualities that were listed above and it should save you a ton of time. So just locate the correct services from the right mentor, and I have no doubt that you will have success online.

I'm Eugene, and on my site I talk more about the right Internet Marketing Mentor. Visit to get more in depth details and suggestions there!

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