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Internet Marketing Reality Check
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In this economy lots of people are looking for other ways to add income to their bottom line. They might take a second job, or their spouse might have to take a job to make ends meet.

When I talk to people I also am amazed at how many people absolutely despise their jobs. They hate getting up in the morning, or evening depending on what shift they work, and can't stand the thought of spending the next several hours working at a place at which they are miserable.

In other cases, people like what they do for a living, but can't stand their boss or the people they work with on a daily basis.


What a terrible way to live ones life.

These are some of the reasons people turn to the internet to generate an income online.

Many of them have tried the internet previously but never found anything that seemed to work for them, and most ended up losing more money than they ever made, if they were fortunate enough to make any at all.

When I work with my students I have to start by deprogramming them first.

Firstly, they have to understand that they are not going to become successful on the internet overnight. Most have false expectations. This is mostly due to all the sleazy and untruthful advertising that is used in all these internet systems that are being promoted today. You've seen them.

"How a lazy high-school dropout now makes $24,510 every month!"

"Former stripper shows you how she now rakes in $41,989 a month!"

"Hacker reveals secret of his $1,001,756 ATM cash machine!"

It's enough to make me want to pull my hair out!

Here's the truth.

Those people aren't making that kind of money. Or, if they are making anywhere close to those figures, it's not by using their system, but by selling it to a lot of unsuspecting, gullible, and vulnerable people just looking to get out of whatever bad situation they find themselves.

I've actually had people tell me they just lost their job and they need to make money fast.

Sorry. It isn't going to happen. If you need money fast, then go look for another job because you're not going to find the solution to your pressing money problems on the internet.

And that brings me to the second point.

To make money on the internet, one has to have money. You've no doubt heard the old saying "it takes money to make money". Nothing could be truer than trying to build a successful internet business.

I call it disposable income.

One has to have some available cash to invest in a number of things associated with building a successful business. Some of these are as follows:

  • Tools and software
  • Educational materials
  • Advertising

Now that's not to say that there aren't a lot of free resources available to help you build your internet business. But to really be successful you are going to need to purchase the above.

For instance, you are going to need web hosting and marketing tools, such as an autoresponder and/or conferencing software, to help you build your website(s) and keep in contact with your customers.

You will need to purchase courses on how to do certain internet strategies such as Pay Per Click advertising. I know when I first started out, I purchased a book from Kyle and Carson, called "Beating Adwords". It was an awesome investment because I learned quickly how to use Pay Per Click effectively.

You will need to invest in different advertising methods, whether Pay Per Click, Pay Per View, media buys, etc. It's not a necessity to pay for advertising, since there are a lot of free ways to advertise, but paid advertising is certainly a great way to earn quickly with targeted advertising. Free methods of advertising usually take quite awhile to become effective on a scale you will need to be successful.

Start off with small goals and work towards those.

For instance, choose a monthly bill that you would like to be able to pay every month with the earnings from your business. It could be your water bill, a credit card bill, or even a car payment if you choose.

Then put a plan into motion to start earning that much each and every month.

Once you are generating enough to pay that bill, then add another, and then another, and so on.

You might be amazed at how effective your internet marketing business can be when you approach it in this way.

So, in summary, the best strategy to build an internet business is to do so when you already have a job and can afford to invest some disposable income into the business. Then realize that it takes time to build the business. Stay with it and never give up. If you do these things you can build a successful internet business and live the kind of lifestyle you choose.

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