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Interviews And It's Effects On People
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Interviews And It\'s Effects on People

Interviewing people has always been a lucrative idea. It is a fast way to online success but somehow people are still unaware of it. There is a lot of activity going on currently that involves taking and giving interviews. My idea of interviewing people is not that flamboyant but it may still be effective.

In the following paragraphs I would be elaborating the effects of interviews on people. I would also highlight some techniques that may help the internet marketer to achieve desired results.

Technique of contacting people:

The first and foremost need is to contact the person intended. It would be greatly satisfying to get hold of the person you really want to interview. But then, he must be a very respectable person and it is difficult to reach out to such people. Successful affiliates use the technique of Bait interviews for this purpose.

Bait Interviews :

The concept of Bait interviews is an important one to know for interviewers. It follows a simple technique of creating awareness about your interviews such that by the time you go to contact the dream person, you eventually get hold of him. In order to create awareness, the interviewer interviews a string of lesser known people to create a brand of interviewees. This brand is essential for the person to select you for the interview.

Effect of interviews on people:

Psychologically, we are inclined towards brands. It is a natural phenomenon for a person to get attracted to objects which repeatedly cross their minds. On knowing about a person who is involved in a vocation that is interesting to you and which gives the added money you want, you would obviously follow that person. There are 2 kinds of effects that register in a reader's mind -

  • Charismatic Effect
  • Psychological Effect

Charismatic Effect: It is that effect which arises out of a sudden appealing personality/sudden inflow of money/sudden liking in an interest. Often money is a big factor in establishing such an effect. Charismatic effects are short term effects and lack penetration into the reader. A reader registering charismatic effect would read the interview and move on in most circumstances. Only, in some small instances, he goes on to buy a product endorsed by you. It is observed that most readers in such niches are well informed, so one cannot fool a reader by using his charisma.

Psychological Effect : It is that effect which comes into the mind of the reader by reading about the person interviewed. The reader goes into his life, identifies his own life with it and then takes a deep decision based on the inference drawn from that identification with the interviewee.

Interviewing is a very effective tool in launching an effective marketing campaign. From implementing the concept of Bait interviews to understanding the psyche of the public, everything works fine in the case of interviews because there are more than one person involved in the process of communication.

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