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Jaaxy Review - Is Jaaxy Worth Your Time And Energy?
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If you search the net, there is no doubt that you'll find a plethora of keyword research tools. Many of these tools, however, cannot perform that job correctly; they can give you inaccurate information. Either that, or you end up spending hundreds of dollars per month on tools that are very difficult to use, and are not user friendly. However, just recently, a program named Jaaxy has been released. The question is, however, is this program just another innaccurate waste of time? Or could it be different? In thisJaaxy review, I will investigate the truth.

Before going into the program, let's look at their founders. The guys behind the project of Jaaxy are known as Carson and Kyle, and it would appear that they've had their success in the online world. They've developed what is one of the most extensive and effecting affiliate marking training programs called the "Wealthy Affiliate University". They've also been in the niche marketing field for years prior to the release of the WAU. As research shows, they're very well known and liked in niche online communities.

Jaaxy was developed for private use by their development team, and they claim that they primarily use it over all other keyword research tools. This was the hook that got me to give this product a try. Is it really as great as they explain it to be? If so, for what reason? Why would Jaaxy be kept from the public if it's that great?

Up first is the price tag. We're looking at $19 a month. This is very low priced for any sort of keyword research tool. In comparison, you can pay over $100 for Market Samurai. But, with such a small price tag, $19/moimplies poor service, does it not? I decided to put the money down to compare the two, to see which has better features.

The results given by Jaaxy are a bit different than those from Market Samurai, and here's why. Lately, many marketers have noticed that Goole's numbers are inaccurate. When using the Google Keyword Research tool, or otherpaid keyword research tools, it can be seen that thousands and thousands of pages are 'found' for a specific keyword. However, if you actually visit Google, type in the keyword, and check out the final page (by continuously clicking the "next" arrow at the bottom of the page), you'll likely see that there are very few pages indexed for your keyword. After hearing this, I actually preformed this experiment myself to see that these facts are true! But, why is Google changing their numbers?

Well, if you owned Google, ask yourself this: Why would anyone want to know the exact number of pages indexed for a search? For one reason: SEO! And, do you want your top results to be from someone who is optimizing their pages, or someone who actually puts legitimate content on their page? I think the later, so Google has skewed their search numbers. This is a logical step, if you want to remain the primary search engine in the world.

For this reason, the numbers between Market Samurai and Jaaxy are different. But, it actually appears that Jaaxy's numbers are more accurate! For only $19 a month, I feel that this feature already out performsthe Market Samurai, since it appears that the Market Samurai provides inaccurate information altogether. For reference, Jaaxy can do this due to their complex algorithm they developed just for Jaaxy. They claim to have used their years of experience on keyword research to create this formula, and that it's the most accurate one as of recently.

Other than that amazing feature, Jaaxy actually provides us with more. It has similar features to Market Samurai, such as the ability to give you an estimate of how many views you can expect to receive as a number one spot in Google. It can also give you the PR, backlinks, and SERPS of the highest ranked pages listed for your keyword. They also have a specially designed "SEO Power" button that will determine if your keywords are valuable or not, with a simple click of the mouse. Also, they provide a related keyword section that automatically creates a list of similar keywords related to your main keyword, making it that much easier to find secondary keywords!

With all of these features, I've been convinced to use Jaaxy as a primary keyword tool. Have you been convinced?

Not yet? Well, to find out more, I've created aJaaxy tutorial guide as to just how I researched and discovered a financially rewarding niche keyword which brings in over 1000 views everyday, and has less than 500 search results. Check out how I discovered a number of lucrative keywords in less than five minutes of analysis using Jaaxy, and learn of different ways I make money from home online at the CheapCashFlow website.

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