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Keyword Elite Review
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In recent times, I have seen Keyword Elite attract some high profile attention lately. Let me admit here that I was captivated by the promotion surrounding this piece of software. Of course, I came in contact with this keyword tool before, but did not have enough time to look at it more closely. So, this Keyword Elite review is based on my recent experience when I eventually took a look at this piece of software that is one of the fastest developing keyword research tools on the Internet today.

To start this Keyword Elite review, I noticed from my first use that the software tool had a very nice user interface. Although, I am an Internet marketer who really does not mind using a piece of ugly software so long it works well, I consider it a bonus to use software that looks pretty good.

This software is able to adapt very well to the style of keyword research about to be completed. I was able to work my way through each of the project types that show the various function sets the tool had to offer.

I was able to analyze the Pay per Click Listings. Initially, I was able to configure various options before getting down to work. I mean, I could opt to obtain data from either Google, Yahoo or others, so that I could set the needed criteria that could be researched and shown under the tab for reports. I mean I could consider the top bids, Google broad match, phrase match or even exact match. I could then set the number of keywords the software should pull from other keyword tools. Once I started, I was able to see two tabs on the top window, showing the threads of live data or the final product of the data mining. Well, without boring you with the details in this Keyword Elite review, the wealth of information from the reports section is just amazing!

After trying a couple of practice tests, I fell in love with the tool! Its focus was to build for me, a huge list of keywords from various sources like Overture, Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, Meta tags and lots more. Keyword Elite is one of the few tools that provide integration with Word Tracker and Keyword Discovery. I am not sweet-talking or painting this Keyword Elite review in glossy pictures. My claims are basically very true! I was able to also select a keyword list without any difficulty.

The software tool was not only able to let me analyze the fierceness of the competition but also, I was able to see at a glance how difficult it could be to be among the top 10 in the search engines for my chosen keywords. It is also worthy of note that the tool allows me to input my competitors' URL's and sets of keywords to help me spy on Ad words competition. The software helped me check for any of my competing sites advertising on Google and brought back the details of their ads. This is indeed a nice feature to enjoy.

Well, no keyword tool is perfect and this Keyword Elite review will be incomplete if I don't mention the flaws of this tool. Well, most importantly, the software lacks the continuity between project types. In other words, you cannot import the sites you find in the Competition Spy, except you do it manually! The automation between projects is not so perfect. However, in spite of this singular setback, I will say you should go for this keyword research tool. It is almost close to being perfect. I hope this Keyword Elite review is informative enough to help you decide well!

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