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Keyword Research And Placement
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How to maximize Keyword Effectiveness

Keywords and Keyword Placement are the driving force that will get your article, website or blog a higher page ranking. A page ranking is basically like a league table, the higher the position the higher the ranking. This is achieved in part with effective Keyword Research and Placement. There are numerous research tools available and some are even available from the very search engines for free, the rest employ these tools to analyze and sift out the words to give the Golden Keyword that can then be used for your articles. So now you have your keywords it is just as important to place them properly. Keyword or keyword phrases which is a group of words using keywords are effective to get better target traffic and as a rule you should use no more than two or three phrases per page.

Keyword Placement

Search engines use 'spiders' and 'robots' which basically are programs that search out results for the keywords that people are putting into the search engine when interested in a specific subject. These 'spiders' and 'robots' are not intuitive and specific words should be targeted to achieve maximum results for driving traffic to  your articles.

The first rule is to place your keywords at the start of the article, this let's the search engine know that the content is about the title early, and therefore it will analize the content further. The second rule is not to have "keyword stuffing" through the article. This is when an article is, as the description suggests, the article has excessive use of the keywords. A good rule of thumb is to place your keyword at between 3 to 4% of the content. Search engines don't like content that is 'stuffed', over 5%. Don't panic as there is websites that if you copy your article into it with your content and will analyize the content for you and work out the keyword content for you.

Relevance to Your Website or Blog

When writing an article it needs to be relevant to your website and good website design is important with this as well. The programs mentioned spiders and robots, read the text of your articles and website, if these are overcrammed with keywords it assumes that it is spam, however if it doesn't have enough it assumes that the content isn't relevant and therefore will ignore the article, blog or website. It is important to have a good quality website that is well balanced, to understand and do your keyword research and to promote your website through articles such as these. It is probably best to get a proffesional website where the content is balanced and training and support on how to maximize your site.

Summary of Keyword Research and placement

Find your Golden Nugget Keywords using the generation tools available. Use them at the beggining and at the end of your article. Make sure the content and is relevant to your website. Check that your aren't over using your keywords and this can be done with the use of Analysis sites. And lastly enjoy what you are doing. If you enjoy writing articles, blogs and content for your website you are more likely to continue doing it.


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