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Learn 3 Ways To Internet Market Your Network Marketing Business
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Internet marketing is the perfect marriage with network marketing. Never before has it been so easy to reach out and network, to build relationships that eventually lead to the trust needed to build a healthy MLM downline. The Internet and all its facets are spread world wide and yet can be as personal as family and friends staying in contact in a myriad of ways efficiently and cheaply. Like minded people have also found the Internet a great way to meet and share on a plethora of subjects, everything from cats to stamp collecting and forming social networks, chat rooms, forums, blogs and several other Internet meeting grounds.

But this is a benefit as well as a hindrance, like a lot of things in life. Where to begin? How to maximise the incredible tool that is the Internet and the World Wide Web. So I have isolated 3 ways that I have found to market your network marketing business on the Internet that gives someone new to the concept a solid place to start, as well as maybe provide a focus to the more seasoned Internet marketer.

Write Articles - Article Marketing -

All 3 methods that I highlight have multi faceted benefits and will show the fantastic dynamic that Internet marketing brings to network marketing. Writing articles, first of all is a great way to build your online personality and get in the game with no overhead or technical skills needed. Here is an opportunity to showcase your talents and charm in an organised and published manor.This is your chance to position yourself as a leader and an expert in your chosen field. People are attracted to those that know more and have more experience and show a genuine desire to teach and share with passion. For those new to Internet marketing, this is a free method and one that does not need any knowledge of web design, hosting, SEO and so on. For those with there own domain names and web sites this is a spectacular off site SEO method for building back links and attracting targeted traffic. But enough about the why, this a "how to" article.

Articles will need to be a minimum of 400 words for most article directories. The most important thing in article marketing is your keywords. This takes awhile to get a handle on, but basically you want to come up with 3-5 keywords that you want to come up in search engine results for and put them right in your title and through out the article in a relevant and natural way. This is called writing "keyword rich" articles. You want about a 1% keyword density, this means in a 500 word article you want each keyword you want to target, 5 times in the article. Once your article is complete you then will submit it to article directories, like these;

1.Ezine Articles - PR6

2.Article Dashboard - PR6

3.Go Articles - PR4

4.IdeaMarketers - PR5

5.Article Snatch – PR5

These are only a few of the very best, but a quick Google search will give you plenty more. There is lots of debate about duplicate content, Google themselves claim they do not penalize duplicate content but it is apparent that at least changing the titles and writing slightly different variations of the article for each directory gives you a better chance of ranking well several times on search results.

Now the second most important thing in your article, and a very close second, because now that your article ranks well for your profitable keywords, then what? I am talking about the resource box. This is were article directories allow you to place live links and or contact information. A live link is a hyperlink, a clickable word or phrase that takes the reader and prospect to your sales funnel. This takes us too our next Internet marketing tactic....

Blogging -

You have now pre-sold your potential prospect, they have read your article and they like what you know and their interest is peaked, they have clicked on your live link, were do they end up? As a network marketing associate you most likely have a company website that was given to you on signing up. This is an o.k landing page, but o.k is not really what we are looking for when we can do better. These cookie cutter sites do not separate you from the pack. The generic site does not have any of your personality or personal touch that is so important in prospecting. People join people, not companies. A great, and still free way to control your content and subsequent leads, is to blog. Although my personal recommendation is to get your hosted Wordpress blog, there is a free Wordpress option and Google will give you a free blog, as well as there are some other free blogging platforms. This will give you a home, a place to host your visitors in style, to make them comfortable, appreciated, special and eager to work with you.

The second part of the joy of blogging is that your SEO potential is there. Your chances of getting a company site ranked in search results is slim to none, because you have no control of the things that Google, Yahoo and Bing look for, like tags, backlinks and original content.

But the most important thing in all of your Internet marketing efforts is to get leads, to get contact information, minimum, name and email and hopefully phone#. This is were you can offer something for free or give any type of incentive to gain this information. Two contact collecting programs stand out, Getresponse (free) or my favorite, Aweber, which has a $1 first month trial that will sell you on it. There are also a complete lead capture system with a built in funded proposal and fully monetized sales funnel like MLSP out there. But if you are just getting your feet wet in Internet marketing for Network marketing, blogging will go a long way to branding yourself and positioning yourself as a Alpha leader and professional that everyone will want to follow and work with. Which now leads me to a further benefit of having your own blog, is to showcase your social networking, drive traffic to it, as well as be your landing page for your social networking...... a beautiful circle of trust....

Social Networking -

Network marketing is all about meeting people and connecting to to them in a meaningful enough way to tell them about your fantastic opportunity. In our offline promoting methods, we hope to meet people at restaurant, planes, gas stations etc. or those that we already know our friends family and acquaintances and give them the good news. This is tough and limited, it has worked for a few dedicated and persistent go getters in the past, but then there was a miracle.... the Internet! We now have a way to meet and connect with hundreds of people we would never have had the opportunity to meet before. The world has gone social media crazy. The number one site on the Internet today is Facebook, which is what? A place were people connect and meet each other to share interests and relate. And Facebook is one huge phenomena but a small part of the social networking world, Twitter, Bebo, Myspace, Delicious etc. the list is as long as my arm. This is a free and easily accessible Internet real estate to claim and utilize for your Internet marketing arsonal.

Marketing on Facebook and other social sites are not a place to presure sell your MLM company, in fact it is frowned upon. Although Facebook gives you the opportunity to promote your MLM business on there Facebook pages, the key to social network marketing, is the transparency and ability to be you and present your great self that others will gravitate to.

The social networking system has another benefit, as you see each one of these Internet marketing methods is linked and inter connected and multi faceted. Most social sites have auto-post methods were you can set up your articles and blog to automatically be promoted on them, giving SEO benefits and time saving strategies.

So three Internet marketing tactics, interconnected and layered to feed and promote each other, building your contacts and leadership reputation. But were to start.....

Here is a quick Starter Internet marketing for network marketing action plan.

  1. Get a blog going on Blogger or Wordpress.
  2. Build a profile that showcases your talents, gifts and experience.
  3. Use your real name and have a picture of yourself to make you a person, a real person.
  4. Start a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts. Use your same basic profile and picture, as you are building your brand.
  5. Place join icons on your blog.
  6. Set up the auto posting for each.
  7. Write 3 articles and submit to at least 5 directories and link everything together and see the Internet find you!

Do this as often as you can, and I have not even got into Onlywire, free press releases, video marketing and so much more. Watch your friends, contacts and prospects grow....

Street Talk

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