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No matter what you passion is or your current skill set, you too can learn to think and make money online like the gurus. With so many get rich quick schemes online and a lot of marketers selling everything but their kitchen sink, you must be well educated without spending a lot of money.

Of course, you cannot start any business without spending any money, but why spend your entire life savings to get your business up and running. Most times when doing research on marketing and starting an online business, the research can be very tedious. One thing that I have learned is to stay focused on your current project. There is an abundance of information online that you don't have to pay for that will in most cases give you the same or better results than spending a lot of money.

A good resource for information for me is youtube. I have found a lot of useful videos on there that can teach you just about anything you want to know. EBooks is one of the biggest ways to make money online and believe it or not you don't have to spend a fortune to do so. The most time consuming part is putting the eBook together. Creating a book cover, a sales page to sell your eBook, and most of all securing a good hosting plan that will ensure your website is run smoothly 24/7. I have learned through trial and error that the internet marketing world is more lucrative than I thought. So many marketers have created capture pages that will blow your mind away visually, but once you submit your email address into the page funnel, the emails never stop coming.

My advice when submitting your email address is never give your personal email address. Create an email address specifically for business. I enjoy visiting informational websites that does not require my email address and still provides me with a lot of good information. Remember, if you’re anything like me when I started out learning about different Affiliate programs, online marketing techniques, and starting an online business, YOU must remember to stay focused and not have scatter brain syndrome. Once you allow yourself to have the scatter brain syndrome dabbling into to many projects at once is easy, truly you will get lost, frustrated and in most cases, simply throw in the towel.

Marketing is a learning process that in time will teach you all there is to know about making money on and offline. I remember years ago when Internet marketing was on the hush and the only people that was benefiting was the gurus. Nowadays with so much information available, anyone with the willingness and determination can make money online. Look at the many affiliate programs that is offered through programs such as clickbank, google just to name a couple. More and more company’s are looking for people to promote their products through affiliate links placed on your website.

Some internet marketers are making a fortune online promoting other people's products (opp). Fully educating yourself and devoting enough time to get one project off the ground is a major accomplishment. Remember, no matter how many offers you see online promising you the world, stay away and remember to work on one project at a time. This is crucial especially in the beginning when you are a newbie because if not, you will bite off more than you can chew!. Tip: when doing research, look for informational sites that do not require your email address nor require a purchase. Never give up to fast and remember to always open your wallet slow. Happy Marketing to All!

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