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Lessons From A Shopaholic: How To Avoid The IM Shiny Object Syndrome
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If you’ve ever regretted buying a how-to-make money-online product because you’ve been tipped into buying point by a very well laid out sales page, then this article is for you.

Who else wouldn’t want to make money in the easiest way possible, in the greatest amount possible? Who wouldn’t want to work for someone else, stop worrying about how to pay the next billing statement when it came, and receive residual income? I would, and I wouldn’t blame you if you are like me.

But if you buy product after product on the next best thing but you’re not getting what the product promises, then there must be something wrong. Here are a few tips on how to avoid the ‘IM Shiny Object Syndrome,’ and start earning more than you buy:

Know the basics – if you’ve ever bought an e-book or a software between $27 to $47 dollars without knowing how making money online works, it’s like filling out a lottery ticket, and your odds of making money online are better with the lottery than with the ‘Net.

Before buying into a glossy salespage’s promises of how effortless your money making efforts will be if you buy their product, know how Internet marketing works. Know the various free and paid methods on how to rake in cash work, know the lingo, and know the skills you will need to develop to get started.

Don't believe any push-button business in the box kind of product. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no such thing.

As there are various ways, you must choose one to form a definite plan. As a beginner, pursuing all methods all at once won’t work. Knowing how money flows on the ‘Net will give you a much clearer idea of which business model you want to pursue.

Know yourself – assess your skills, your talents, what you’re willing to do to make money online, and what you’d rather not do. Like an offline business, an online business needs a certain skill set.

If there’s a certain skill your proposed business model requires which you do not possess, ask yourself if you’re willing to learn this skill or if you have the funds to outsource it if you don’t want to do it yourself.

There is a steep learning curve to Internet marketing. Unless you’re a businessman or businesswoman in the offline world or if you're not business-savvy, getting started in the Internet marketing niche is like applying for the job of a salesman when you are a teacher, a lawyer, or something else.

It’s not that non-business people have no hope in making it online, in fact many famous marketers now have started from completely unfamiliar occupations and they prove otherwise. B

ut there is indeed a lot to learn, and it isn’t as easy and effortless as it sounds. Like any business, Internet marketing requires your time, attention, hard work, and the courage to do what you’ve never done before. But once you get past this, things are going to be easier.

Check out the free info first – if you’ve decided on a business model and identified the things you need to get started, before hitting the “Buy Now” button on the first product you see, hit the search engines once more to see if you can get the information you need elsewhere for free.

If you’re close to buying but want to learn more, you can subscribe for the free reports or bonuses they have to offer on the salespage in exchange for your email address. More often than not, your desired products have them. Don’t worry about spam, if you don’t want to receive any more messages, you can unsubscribe anytime.

The answers to your questions may be found scattered on various websites, forums, or blogs; and the products you need may be offered elsewhere as a bonus. It wouldn’t hurt your wallet to search again.

Check for discounts second – like real-world items, sales on the Internet do exist. Look for coupons or WSOs (Warrior Special Offers) to see if there are ones for your intended product, scan other websites to see if they sell it at another rate.

A clever trick digital products have is the downsell. Sometimes when you hit the exit button, a Pop-up window opens asking you if you really want to leave. Hit ‘Cancel’ to remain on the page, and they offer the same product $10 lower or lead you to a $1 for one week trial offer. Sometimes if you try to exit the downsell page again, you may find that the product is discounted even further.

Buy only when it is an investment – as with anything in the offline world, purchase only what you need. If you think that the product you intend to buy will bring you a return of investment from its earning potential and if you think that using the product will earn you money to pay for itself, then by all means buy it.

But if there’s one thing I have learned in my two months of dabbling in this huge make money online industry. Forget everything I've said but not these four words: guides are just guides. Telling you how to do it the most they can do for you. You have to actually pull your sleeves up and do it.

You can own the best courses in the world and read them until your eyes dry out, but if you don’t act on the info, you’ll end up $27 to $47 poorer than you were before you started.

So just know what you want, buy wisely, and act now.

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