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Lion In The Yard - Work From Home Scam
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Lion In the Yard   -   Work From Home Scam

Someone saw a lion in the yard reported in a news flash from work from home scam. There was this young lad that always had some kind of story that he would tell his friends, neighbors and family members. Then on a hot sweaty day that everyone seemed to be so irritable on, this young lad had everyone in an uproar. He was running around the neighborhood yelling, "Lion in the yard, lion in the yard, lion in the yard." He stopped at his friends, neighbors and all the families homes yelling lion in the yard. People were having a panic attack. Moms were scooping up the children, neighbors were boarding up the doors and windows, families were scared to the point that they refused to go outdoors.

Finally this young boy came home yelling lion in the yard. His father had hundreds of phone calls from people every where in the local community. People were finding out after all the panic and wasted time that this young lad had been lying. He had told other lies on numerous occasions. The people of the community wanted something done to the boy. He needed some disciple. The father had reassured everyone that he would take care of it.

Work from home scam news was on top of the story. As a matter of fact they were at the boys home when he arrived. Now the father sat his boy down. Talked to him about all the lies he had spread and that his family was getting a bad name. The father had a lot of morals, was an outstanding member of the community, and helped numerous people make a living with his business and that this was ruining the entire families reputation. He told the boy that this will no longer be tolerated and that he should be punished for his actions.

His father was a religious man and told the boy that he was grounded. he would be required to stay in his room and pray to the lord until he realized that he was doing wrong. So the boy went upstairs an stayed there for hours. finally he came down the stairs and spoke with his father. The father said did you pray for the sins of lying to everyone? Yes, said the boy. Did you ask the lord for forgiveness? Yes, the boy replied. Boy what did the lord say to you? The young lad answered his father. The lord spoke to me father, he said the first time he saw that big dog he thought it was a lion too.

I can't remember who told me this story when I was a small child. They who ever it was gets the credit.

What does this have to do with work from home scams? Sometimes there are scams reported that are not actual scams. Some people either were lazy, did not take action, or just want to complain. Other times there are work from home scams that really need reporting. They should not even be allowed on the internet. We should strive to ensure that you are working with a company that is legitimate. A work from home scam can get people so pissed that they even consider quitting there online home business.

We should all try and do our part on a work from home scam. Post it on the internet if you feel that the company is a scam. Write an article about them. Have it posted at some article submission site or just advertise it in every ad you can find. Expose it on forums. Just a few tips for reporting a work from home scam.

There are also good companies out there. They need the same treatment. Write articles about legitimate companies that are doing a great job and serving the public with pride. They need the exposure so that the people on the world wide web will know about these fine companies.

There are plenty of work from home scam people trying to just take your money. Be careful, use good judgement, and find something that is long lasting. Companies that have been tested over time is a good indication that they must be doing something right. Last thing is get some solid training so you will not have to order everyone and his brothers course. Learn to do internet marketing the right way. The honest way.

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