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Lost My Job What Can I Do - Internet Marketing?
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Lost My Job What Can I Do - Internet Marketing?

In the current economic climate more and more people are finding themselves asking I lost my job what can I do? Internet Marketing is often the answer. Where else could you find a job where the top salary is potentially in the millions of dollars per annum, that has no minimum entry qualifications? There are no sex and no race related issues, your potential customer never even sees you unless you choose to post your picture!

The best part of all is that there is no boss to complain that a perfect job is less than adequate just to keep you on a minimum wage! However Internet Marketing is not for everyone, because you will be judged, but it will be by your peers in a market of your choosing. If you honestly believe that you could sell fish hooks for example as you are expert in this area the chances are that there are hundreds of thousands of anglers around the world looking for the best fish hooks for catching trout. I believe these are hooks with flies attached and the art of tying them and making them effective is known only to a few expert fishermen.

Now angling does not have to be your niche, but think of something that you do well and then think of the items needed to achieve a good level of skill at it and the chances are you have thought of your first good niche market.Then if you are good at explaining things to people write an article or several that explain why Joe makes the best flies and your experience using them.

Write a good sales pitch and add pictures of the flies and set it up so that Joe delivers them to the customer and you both get paid, you take say 10% from Joe for building the site and there you have the model for all Internet Marketing. There are certain skills you will need to develop in order to Search Engine optimize your sites for local and/or international markets, but the basic idea and techniques are the same no matter what you sell.

Now imagine a site where you could go to learn all the techniques you need, and that gave you all the tools required. One that included webinars that you could take at your own speed and 30 day success clubs. That included a members forum with discussions on all the latest techniques and issues that could affect your business. Where the members help each other find all the answers and where you can even talk to the founders. Unlimited web hosting so all you have to pay for is your domain names, and an auto responder once you reach a level of business that requires this. There is hardly any capital outlay just a computer and an internet connection. All this and more for one low monthly fee. Where else could you start a multi million dollar business for less than $2,000? If you seriously want to become independent start today before you have to ask "I lost my job what can I do - Internet Marketing?

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