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Make Money As An Amazon Associate
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Make Money As An Amazon Associate!

This Will Show You How To Get Your First Sale!

Making Money on the Internet seems so easy if you listen to many of the Experts. You simply create an account at Clickbank and then getting access to thousands of products, that you can promote, by simply getting people to click on a link and make a purchase and you get paid, seems like a dream come true!

Why then, do so many people never make a single $ off their Link? If that describes you, don’t feel bad. A lot of people never even managed to get that link clicked by a potential buyer. Howeverthe Internet truly does generate huge profits for many marketers. Why not for you?

The bottom line is that you do not have the right information. Most of the Experts tell you how to make money with Clickbank, however the competition on Clickbank is so high, that someone starting out has a slim to none chance to compete against the big guys.

So what is the alternative for someone wanting to start an Internet Business of their own? Let’s find an alternative Product, that does not have such fierce competition, but has an unlimited number of products for you to sell. Amazon is the place for you to start. It has a great reputation. It has an unlimited number of Products and the Process is easy.

1. Sign up with Amazon as an Associate.

2. Pick a product from 1000’s that you want to promote.

3. Create a Website, Blog, Article, Video, Facebook or Lens that allow you to add your Associate Link.

4. Send free targeted Traffic to your Link by learning SEO techniques.

5. Make your Link a “Call To Action”!

Once you master those 5 steps, your Job is done and you will make Sales and get paid a Commission.

As an Amazon Associate myself, I assure you, it is a lot easier than selling Clickbank Products when you first start out.

The Steps are very simple and you can find more details and how to promote Physical Products at Rapid Profit Formula. It is a step by step explanation of making Money with Physical Products

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