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Make Money Internet Marketing - Do The Best You Can!
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Make Money Internet Marketing - Do the Best You Can!

Kia ora everybody and welcome back to my series of articles on my journey from internet marketing newbie to internet marketing success story! Does that sound cocky? I never liked that word and the negative connotations that come with it. If I was to use my new positive mindset, a vital component of internet marketing, I would look at that word and interpret it as being confident not cocky. Because a positive mindset and always looking on the bright side is what I need to succeed at this. Lesson number one for today.

I must apologise to you all. I promised an update on my first website that I'm creating and developing with the help of Wealth Affiliates training. Its great stuff! I wish I could include a link to my website today, but it's not ready for you to see yet.

I can however give you a progress report. The reason I'm taking longer than I should have, and expected to, is because I want to do a good job - it's my passion after all and I want to do my beloved All Blacks justice so I'm not going to produce something cheap and tacky. Not that Wealth Affiliate would allow us to produce anything cheap and tacky, but - you get my point! Lesson number two - do something you're passionate about because you'll do it properly and enjoy it!

Unfortunately, I have a day job, family and home commitments that take the bulk of my time so by the time I sit down to work on my internet marketing business (love calling it a business!) it's getting late and my brain powers rapidly running out. In spite of all that though, I keep in mind my goals and dreams and that gives me the extra push I need to continue. Lesson number three for today.

Having said that, what's letting me down right now is that I'm probably not pushing myself hard enough. I push myself hard, but maybe not hard enough. My goal therefore tonight when I get home, is to finally close off my Day 3 training (I should be on Day 8!) which has only one task left - to create my Home Page on my website.

That's the bit I'm taking time to do right, because I want to produce something cool and enticing. That's the aim after all isn't it? That Home Page is, in essence, my shop front. I want it to look good, sound good, feel good so that people will want to buy off me. Also, my Facebook friends and family are the first bunch I'm marketing my site too, and them being mostly kiwi's and ozzies (that's Australian in English) well, I just better get this right or I'll be crucified! Oh the pressure!

Oh to have all day, every day to work on it! I'm going against Wealth Affiliate training a little here, because I am taking time to do this the best I can. Alas, I'm at the point right now where I just want to do it and tick the completed box. I won't promise that I'll have my site completed by next article, but I'm going to give it a darn good try tonight! In the meantime, keep writing, keep progressing, keep getting stronger. See you all next article!

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