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Make Money Internet Marketing - Just Do It!
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Make Money Internet Marketing - Just Do It!

Kia ora all, welcome back to my newbie articles on how to make money internet marketing. I've been producing a series of articles outlining my journey from relative newbie with a little knowledge to rapidly rising article writer. When I started last week I was author ranked 1700-something. Now I'm author ranked 367. How cool is that! Still haven't made any money, but as I keep saying, I have faith in Wealth Affiliates training so I have every faith that this will follow.

Last article I was pathetically making up excuses to not "progress". By that I mean I was prioritising other costs over topping up my debit card, and failing to top up my debit card meant not being able to purchase the domain name required in order to progress in my Wealth Affiliate training. Making money internet marketing training on hold.

After I wrote my last article, hearing the words out loud pushed me to action. I bit the bullet, took my own advice against every fibre in my body, and topped up my card. The amount we're talking is pittance. My mindset (which you'll know is changing!) was that other things were more important. Food, power, phone, finance payments, all took precedence over a $10.00 blimey topup. This is true - they are important but I found that $10.00 - easily. I didn't let my kids talk me into buying them cheap crappy toys that will keep them happy for half an hour before they break. While I was on a cost cutting roll, I also forewent my usual $4.00 cup of morning mocca and had a cup of instant from the staff cafe instead - that was free. Wallah hey presto - domain name purchased. Journey to making money internet marketing resumes.

Before then, my usual routine is for my income to come in, I then immediately withdraw every cent because every cent has a place to go and I pay my bills while I'm in the bank. When I woke up this morning, my first thoughts were same old same old. I had to mentally remind myself to STOP falling into the same routine because this time was going to be different. I'll tell you what else helps - if you say the words out loud, or give yourself a little slap to wake yourself up to the change! So when I went to the bank to withdraw my cash, I immediately topped up my card before that inner voice inside me had the opportunity to talk myself out of it! Because this "self sabotage" as they like to call it, is powerful! That subjects an article I look forward to writing soon.

The things I did differently today from every other week were:

1) I was focussed - laser like focussed - on topping up my card today

2) I looked for ways to get that money required without having to sacrifice the important things

3) I kept reminding myself of the end goal - to make money internet marketing and above all

4) before the self sabotage voice won over I just did it!!

Since doing that, I have progressed. After being stuck in the same place for days and halting all progress to my training, I am on my way towards finishing my dream website. I'm only on Day 3's training when I should be on Day 7 which is the result of my proscratination and I've slapped myself several times for letting this happen, but at least I'm off again and progressing. Also, I didn't entirely waste the last 4 days doing nothing. I continued on my article writing training which is boosting my profile, building my brand and giving me some valuable practice and momentum.

There are some valuable lessons from todays article for you to learn from. Lessons which are not restricted to making money internet marketing but lessons which you can apply to life in general. Tune in next article for progress on my website developement - I'm excited and can't wait to see the end product!

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