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Make Money Internet Marketing - Yes Im In!
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Make Money Internet Marketing - Yes Im In!

Yes! I've managed to successfully join Wealthy Affiliate University, the best internet training program on the net hence a very good place for me to be on my journey to making money internet marketing. Welcome back those of you who have been following me. You will know I'm not a complete newbie to this career and that I have done some research into the subject.

To recap after stumbling across Wealth Affiliate a few weeks back I've managed to sign up just in time to take advantage of their incredible $1 trial which gives me full access to all their internet marketing training for the next month - fab! I lost a bit of time over the weekend waiting for my payment to be processed only to discover today that my moron bank had cancelled my credit card without informing me first. Why would you do that? Well apparently credit card fraud is rife so they took it upon themselves to cancel old cards and reissue new ones. Well that's thoughtful of them and would have been appreciated had they bothered to inform anybody! So thankfully I was able to try again today and today I got in - yay.

So I've had a little nosey around Wealth Affiliate albeit very briefly. Although I own this laptop I have to stand in line for my turn and somehow I always manage to end up last and then constantly interrupted or pushed further back. How you can get further back than the back I do not know, but what I do know is that it's now 1.48am and after falling asleep waiting for my turn, I'm finally sitting down in peace and undisturbed quiet to spend some time article writing.

As I mentioned in my last article, practice makes perfect and I've taken on the 30 day challenge set by Street Articles to write 30 articles in 30 days. If that doesn't make me "da bomb" at article writing then I suck and I'm trusting in Wealthy Affiliate, who say that by fulfilling this challenge then I should make some money along the way. I said I can do this so do this I shall.

You see it was very easy for me to stay curled up next to my baby daughter tonight, enjoying some sleep after a busy and un-fulfilling day at work and the prospect of the same tomorrow (or today I should say seeing as its almost 2'oclock in the morning).

However there is no progress towards my goal of achieving financial freedom in sleep right now, nor does it help me in my 30 day challenge and that would leave me feeling down for not pushing myself. That would not do and now I've written 2 articles in the last few days, now well into my 3rd, I feel like I'm on a roll and I won't halt that progress. Besides I have friends like yourselves depending on my comments so pressures all on me to persevere! And that's all good for me because like they say the more you do something the easier it gets and I really feel this way right now about article writing.

Yeah yeah yeah I hear you all saying sleep is important and I agree, which is why from tomorrow (or today I should say seeing as its almost 2'oclock in the morning) what I will do is set a routine and some dedicated computer time where my kids and their father can't interrupt me.

If only they knew what I know about internet marketing and its potential for us then they might be a little more supportive but when you're a 13 year old boy or a 5 year old girl, Facebook and Dora the Explorer games take precedence. And like the unselfish and completely giving mum that I am, I am only too willing to sacrifice my sleep time in order to march towards my goal.

So to recap again, after article 3 I feel like the lessons this time round are:

  1. first and foremost TAKE ACTION, JUST DO IT, MAKE A MOVE. The hardest step to take is always the first but you'll find that once you get started you sometimes can't stop. Even the act of picking up a pen or a laptop or sitting upright or standing up is the first step towards progress. You just have to do it.
  2. persevere even when you're curled up in your nice cosy bed, don't let anything stop you from progressing. I did it wrong tonight in that my scheduling is not good but I will fix that. This time I have not let my lack of time management stop me from my goal of producing a half decent article. Also, the feeling of letting myself down had I chosen to carry on napping would have been worse for me than losing a little sleep. Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do.
  3. stay focussed - both on the end goal and on the steps that will get you there. For me the end goal is to make money internet marketing and article writing is the first step towards achieving that goal. I'm on track. Focus like a laser beam if you can imagine that. Eyes therefore mind and actions seeing nothing but the path to your goals - no outside interference. When you start losing focus, refer to points 2 above and 4 below.
  4. To help me focus I constantly visualise giving my kids a better life, a nicer home, cooler toys, experiences I can't give them right now because bills have to be paid first. More specifically I visualise taking my kids shopping at Sylvia Park or Newmarket in Auckland, they're going into any store they want and coming out with gorgeous new clothes or toys they've been eyeing up lately. And I'm sitting at the cafe sipping on my moccacino watching them without a care in the world. A far cry from reality right now let me tell you but something I intend to change.
  5. And todays final lesson is another reminder that practice makes perfect so get practicing!

Okay so its now gone 2.58am and in spite of the hour I'm rapt with what I've achieved tonight/(this morning). Article written and over 1000 words too, box ticked, another step forward. Great stuff.

Next issue I promise to report more on my Wealthy Affiliates training. Until then, to our continued progress towards internet marketing success!

Street Talk

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