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Make Money Internet Marketing - You're Not Insane Are You?
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Make Money Internet Marketing - You\'re Not Insane Are You?

Kia ora all. Welcome back to the trials and tribulations of Jacqui Robinson's journey to making money internet marketing. Well I have to tell you all I am so excited right now! Those of you who have followed me in the last week or so, will know I'm a relative newbie but not as newbie as other newbies to internet marketing. I want to let you know of my progress, and what can be achieved even as a relative newbie.

When my latest article (article number 3) "Make Money Internet Marketing - Change Is A-coming!" was published yesterday morning it ranked over 16000. I've just logged in and its now ranked 3296 and had 75 views and counting. I'm rapt and I sincerely hope those of you who read my previous article, are back to enjoy this one.

Although I'm fully aware that internet marketing HAS to involve other people, my minds eye never really entertained the possibility that others may actually be reading my stuff. No - in my mind the internet was such a monster that nobody would even find my article. Duh - I was wrong! If they're finding my stuff that's a step forward. Next step is to get those views converted. So if you had the same thoughts I had, lose them! Build it and they will come and all that..may have a ring of truth around it.

So what is it thats caused such a big jump in ranking and keeps readers viewing? Is it the title - it does have a "heavenly" kind of sound to it I suppose. Change is a coming and all that. Of my 4 published articles so far this ones had twice as many views as the others combined, so I have to ask myself - why? I'm thinking it's that "heavenly" connection happening here and I hope I haven't misled anyone into thinking they were getting an article on religion. If so, I apologise but then this is an article on internet marketing, its titled internet marketing, and it's published in the internet marketing section so what is it that's pushing this articles views up so hard and fast? Would appreciate your advice fellow marketers because whatever it is would be worth repeating.

I bet you're also wondering if all these views translate into sales. It's the first thing I look for when following others progress so I know you're wondering too. Well, I'd like to say yes but no - not yet. But that's ok. Every day that I do something, I've made progress from where I was the day before, so I have every faith that sales will come - as long as I keep doing. My brand is growing and oh boy - that's exciting.

Ok back to the here and now. As you may or may not know, my step by step training with Wealthy Affiliate is currently on hold until I can top up my debit card with $10 or so to purchase a domain name. I meant to do that yesterday, but - bills! How embarrassing to have to tell you that that part of my training is on hold for the sake of a measly $10 but that's what I signed up for - open-ness and honesty with you all, so you can learn from my mistakes. And not doing what it takes - you know failing to JUST DO IT - is a mistake.

Self improvement gurus like the genuis Mr Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad - if you havent read this - DO!) will tell you that when you get your income, whether that be a wage, commission or even government benefit, pay yourself first. I agree whole heartedly. I do not have the bollocks to do this yet, in spite of the reasoning behind it, I just can't do it!

That's the subject of a whole nother article so I won't dwell on it here, other than to emphasise that I agree with this concept completely and is something I've added to my list of things to work on - pronto! Had I adopted this concept, I'd have found the measly $10 from somewhere - anywhere - and would likely have a fully monetised website by now - but like I said, tune in for more on that topic.

So to recap, last article I mentioned Einsteins definition of insanity being to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Well I know I'm not insane so I need to do things differently this time. I got into the habit of researching and researching and researching, then forming a plan based on that research, then - nothing. Lost interest, found an excuse to not do it, found reasons to fear the plan.

Well I'm not entertaining those thoughts anymore because holding onto habits like that has kept me stuck. This time yes I've done my research and found Wealthy Affiliate, yes I'm following the plan as set out by Wealthy Affiliate and no - there will be no nothing this time. I've changed the mindset that was holding me back and seeing that others are reading my stuff tells me I'm moving in the right direction. Tune in tomorrow where I WILL have the beginnings of my website on my beloved All Blacks up and running. Watch this space.

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