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Marketing And College Students
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Marketing and College Students

Going to college is the most memorable and fun experience that a young person can have, and remember for the rest of their lives. Most young adults going to college do not have a lot of extra money to spend. Worrying about finances can be stressful, and takes away from the experience.College should be the best time in their lives, not� into something that feels over whelming. This article Marketing and College Students is an idea to relieve that feeling

These young adults, going to college have to work part time jobs, some work full time jobs. A great way for them to earn extra income is through Internet marketing. Not only would this earn them some extra money, it would be beneficial to their schooling.

Internet marketing is very inexpensive to get started, if not free, There are numerous ways to advertize online for free. If three college students got together and joined a program, and each one of them wrote one article a day, that is ninety articles a month. that is a lot of traffic being driven to there website, that they have built through the training that is provided.

Not only will they be making extra money, they will be improving their writing skills, if there going for marketing , that is a bonus, they will be learning their field while making money. I am currently doing just that. I am going to college for e-marketing, using the tools and knowledge that I am learning from the e-marketing program, that I belong to, in return applying that knowledge to my college courses. I then take what I am learning in college, and apply it to my business, it is a win, win situation.

The potential of making money is very high if you can produce ninety articles a month. I am taking college courses online and supporting a household, it takes me a long time to produce ninety articles. if you sustained that month after month, the money would be rolling in. Between three students, that is one article a piece per day, at twenty to thirty minutes per article, depending on how fast you can type a four hundred word article.

You can also take advantage of the resources you have at school. Let a professor, or� another student that is good at writing, proof read your article.� Even better, have a person that is proficient at writing in your group, and have them proof read your articles.

If you are thinking, what you are going to write about, that is all covered in the training. The first assignment will be building you website and finding a niche. (something to sell) which there are endless possibilities there. You never have to store any inventory, or have to deal with costumers. You do not have to ship nothing.

I do not sell anything, I build a website, that the program I joined taught me to build, and promote companies. Every time a person signs up, and joins that company, I get money. It is as simple as that. As long as that person is with that company, I get paid.

You can also go a different route. You put products on your website, for popular places like Amazon, sell their product and get a commission. They ship it for you, no costumer interaction. This is wear your article marketing comes in, write an article about the product, the costumer go's to your website and buys the product. Pumping out ninety articles a month between three people, the possibilities are endless.

I would recommend any college student to give this a try. If you follow direction and stay motivated you are going to do really well. The only thing you need is the Internet and a computer. I want to wish you good luck in college and thanks for reading Marketing and College Students.

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