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There are a multitude of “jobs” that involve the internet, including advertising, marketing, sales and, even, the creation and managment of web sites. However, virtually anything that has the letters J.O.B. somewhere in the position's desciption means working for someone else. Unfortunately that means playing by someone elses rules, having very little control of your income and being in the position of becoming unemployed based on any number of factors that are completely out of your control.

Just like in every other industry the people that are making a lot of money via the internet are entrepreneurs in some form or another. The difference is that the World Wide Web is still so new that the opportunities are unlimited. Actually it may be fair to state that the opportunities available via the internet may never be limited because it is impossible to visualize how our (or any other) society is going to look in the future.

My point is, that making money on the internet has the same commonalities that every other industry has. If you want to get out of the rat race and take control of your own life including, determining your own income, your own hours, your own lifestyle, the quality of time you spend with your family and the comfort of your retirement, you will have to take some risk. By that I mean you will have to rely on yourself to find or develop a “vehicle” that will enable you to reach those goals. What you wont be able to do is rely on someone else to pay you a salary.

Keep in mind that any "magic" involved in being successful as an internet entrepreneur will come from you. You will be driving the bus, therefore, it will be incumbent upon you to do your due diligence regarding researching opportunities that you are interested in, have an aptitude for and have the means to develop. These factors are extremely important, because once you have found your direction and a suitable vehicle, you will have to spend the time to make it happen. As you can see, there is no easy way. however, what could be more satisfying than making money while doing the things you enjoy?

If you are looking for “a job on the internet” get in line and wait your turn. Take a look at the “classifieds” in the newspaper or log on to the various internet job search engines like “Monster” or visit EDD and check out your competition.


Forget about internet jobs, internet sales jobs, internet advertising jobs, internet side jobs or any other internet jobs and take control of you own life. Instead, do what I did and start searching for Affiliate Internet Marketing opportunities!

Actually, I started my search the hard way. I had no background whatsoever regarding the internet so I started with a basic search for internet related opportunities. I learned that the basic categories of legitimate internet opportunities boiled down to: “ingenious” site invention, selling hard goods utilizing various mediums such as Ebay or representing other companies and their products as an affiliate.

If you have the ability to visualize and then create something new to the internet that is so valuable that everyone will want to use it, you will be able to make “mad money” and reach that lofty lifestyle everyone dreams of but only a few can obtain.

If you like the processes involved in buying and selling and warehousing and shipping physical products then you may want to explore the various opportunities that involve buying and selling hard goods.

However, if you are like me and are neither inventive nor interested in buying and selling hard goods, I suggest you explore the opportunities related to Affiliate Marketing.

I chose Affiliate Marketing because I am both arrogant enough, and egotistical enough to believe that other people will value what I have to say, and I wanted a way to make money in confluence with the opportunity to express my views, opinions and dissentions in a milieu where I could reach a lot of people without having to pass through an editorial gauntlet.

Since I have already been where you are I might be able to save you a great deal of research time as well as helping you avoid the pitfalls related to the myriad of scams masquerading as legitimate opportunities.

If that idea appeals to you, just click on one of the links highlighted in the body of this article and check out the best and most attainable opportunity that I was able to find.

Your humble servant,


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