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Men And Women Making Money On The Internet
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men and women making money on the internet

Are you one of the men and women making money on the internet? If not you must love rising with the sun on a daily basis, sitting in traffic, putting up with your lovely boss and chatting around the water cooler? No? Well I am going to tell you about how to change that and start earning an income online. There are a lot of ways you can make money online, but I am only going to talk about one.

What is article marketing? There are thousands of companies all over the world looking for people to advertise for them and drive traffic to their website via the internet. When you do you get paid. A cheap way to do this is to write 400 word or more articles about what that companies is selling. You can then submit that article to article directories online. People will read your article and click on the links in the article that leads them to your website or directly to the company’s webpage. Keep in mind there are very few who allow you to link directly to the merchants page. So having your own landing page or website will be ideal.

When writing an article you have to choose good keywords. This means, when you put them in quotations they produce less than a 1000 results on the search engine. For example “water aerobics”. You would type that into Google and if the results are less than 1000 words it would be a good keyword phrase. The less the better, keep this in mind. Remember the days of writing one article and submitting it to hundreds of websites and getting back links are over.

Google is looking for unique high quality articles that are not duplicates. Duplicating articles is shooting you in the foot. Write one article per keyword and submitting to a high quality article directory like street articles, ezinearticles or go articles is ideal. If you had a good ten article directories and submitted one unique article to each one you will build some good quality back links. The trick is doing this over and over, just like ground hogs day.

Let’s talk about websites and landing pages for a second. I like to show how to do this without a website of your own and for free first. For men and women making money on the internet it helps get your feet wet and learn techniques and what works and what not works without wasting money. You can build a money converting landing page with squidoo, hub pages or a free blog site. All these are free. Don’t know how to build a landing page? I will provide a link later to my website where you can sign up for a free course and see some great educational opportunities for internet marketing. The landing page is where the reader would go before the merchant’s website and get some free information and links provided to what they may be seeking. This is great because people are always looking for free information and that’s a big hit.

The biggest thing with article marketing is persistence. You will need to put a hundred or so articles, which are unique out there leading to your landing page or merchant page. If the product is high quality it could be less. Remember quality equals quantity in this business. You may make money your first month it may take six. It all depends on the education and learning curve for that person. So for men and women making money on the internet education in article marketing is the key. You can learn from mistakes but it will take longer and it’s easy to get discouraged and quit before the money comes in. you can check out the links provided for a free email course and opportunities to learn from the best.

So in closing you can make good money on the internet pretty easy with a little work and persistence. You can do this part time and eventually work your way into full time. I love to give people the same options and opportunities that I have been afforded to change their lives and get out of the rat race. Hope you got something that helps from this article. If you have any questions or would like to know more you can email me at my website and I will do my best to answer any and all questions. If I do not know the answer I will find it for you. Have a blessed day.

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