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Millionaire Society Review, Legit Or Scam?
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In this time of economic recession when so many people are losing or have already lost their jobs or businesses many are looking for legitimate ways to replace that lost income.

There is a lot of money to be made on the internet but unfortunately the climate is ripe for the con artists to take advantage of people who are desperately looking for honest opportunities.

In this article we are going to take a look at a product called Millionaire Society offered by Mack Michaels to see if it offers real opportunity or if it is just another clever internet scam to separate you from your money.

Millionaire Society

Several weeks ago I received an emails from Mack Michaels offering to reveal the “Secrets” that have allowed him to make $210,500 per month with his secret “Turn Key” system for FREE! Almost!

He said if I sign up right then it is only going to cost me $4.95 for the processing fee that will get me a whole month of benefit from his “Secret System.” Then after your 30 days is up I would be charged Only $97 per month.

The elaborate web page with vivid colors included screen shots of Mr. Michaels’ ClickBank account and a very well-crafted sales audio message telling about how I could make $200,000 per year since he was able to make that much in just a month.

Sounds great so far! Sign me up Mack!

Once I received access to the Millionaire Society site it revealed that it was actually a site established to provide training to learn Affiliate Marketing.

It is wonderful to offer the training but why not just be honest and market for what it is instead of all the deception?

In fact there is a huge demand for quality training to learn a new business with all the folks out of work and Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to go.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There is an almost an unlimited variety of physical products and digital products which are supplied by various marketplaces known as affiliate networks on the internet.

You can promote these products without owning them and you will receive a commission for your efforts if the customer you attracted with your marketing efforts goes on to purchase a product from the merchant’s site.

All of this is tracked through special links, known as affiliate links and software that keeps track of sales coming from you, how much you have earned, etc.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start a profitable online business because you can do so without going through the expense of creating your own product and you literally can make earn a five figure plus income per month if done correctly and by promoting the right product/s, service or company.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Networks and also Private Companies offer Affiliate Programs to persons who are willing to market their product or services by allowing them to join their network and assigning them a unique Affiliate Link.

You would then use your Affiliate Link to place on your own website where you would provide content, display video or photos in an effort to compel the visitor to you webpage to click on your affiliate link which would take them to the Affiliate Network’s website.

Once on the network’s website the product is usually displayed, described, or demonstrated with video to compel the visitor to make a buying decision.

The website will usually provide a Shopping Cart type of check out system to purchase the product or an order form for credit card purchase.

Does Millionaire Society Deliver?

The Millionaire Society site gives you access to what Mr. Michaels claims to be over 110 hours of Video Tutorial Training.

I honestly did not take that much time to view and time all of them but judging from the duration of the one I watched 110 hours might be a stretch.

What I did watch was one video on Article Marketing. The video was shot within the last few months and the content was well presented and relevant.

However in my opinion it was lacking in the detail and basics necessary for a newbie trying to learn Affiliate Marketing to grasp the concept and effectively put it to use.

There did not appear to be very much in the way of written tutorials and there were not any tools such as Keyword Research Tools, Niche Research Tools, Writing Tools, or Website Hosting.

It turns out that Millionaire Society’s main objective is to teach you how to become their affiliate partner to market their products including Millionaire Society memberships, ProfitBank, etc.

There is not a thing wrong with that if you feel you are marketing a quality product but personally I don’t want to be involved if there is any deception.

MS does provide you with your own website for the purpose of marketing MS.

The tools I mentioned above are very important to have available for doing research, writing, and other tasks that can be very time consuming when you have to Click Jump around.

You can go to one of the many web hosting companies like to set up your own website if you want to market a product with another affiliate network or private affiliate company but MS doesn’t teach you how to do that.

How Much?

Millionaire Society charges $97 per month for you to learn how to promote their products.

I have no problem with MS promoting their own Affiliate Program but to charge $97 per month for what they offer? Come on! They should pay me.

For much less than that you can receive proven, high quality Affiliate Marketing training.


Millionaire Society claims to offer email and telephone support to answer questions and help resolve problems.

After 3 weeks I did call to cancel my membership.

The young man who answered the phone tried briefly to talk me into continuing my membership.

When I mentioned to him that I could you can get an Affiliate Marketing Course from an established reputable source for free he just said “OH” and told me that I needed to call ClickBank to request a refund which I did I certainly did.


I have a difficult time recommending Millionaire Society because of the deceitful tactics they use to lure people in and some of the other products Mr. Michaels has been known to sell that received a lot of complaints, bad reviews, and high returns.

Before spending your hard earned money on this questionable training get yourself some reliable and free Affiliate Marketing training to at least get a feel to see if it fits you.

Then, if you really want to kick it into high gear there are plenty of quality resources available.

Good luck, K. Les Baker

Street Talk


What do i do to cancel my membership?

  about 1 decade ago

Well, today is March12, 2012, and Mack definitely reassessed his prices: for $40 (one time payment), you get access to his affiliate program and all his digital products for your personal use. The monthly membership is $47/month, which is not too bad. For those online marketing entrepreneurs, who are really looking for the best of the best training, I would suggest one, called 15K/month formula . You can read my article "15k/Month Formula: Best Online marketing Strategies Revealed" here: http://vadimhrytsenko(dot)com

  about 1 decade ago
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