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Moms Working At Home Trying To Make Ends Meet
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Moms Working At Home Trying To Make Ends Meet

Work at home jobs are becoming more popular these days because of the Internet, and can be very beneficial for moms trying to stretch out the family budget and stay at home looking after children. The number of work at home moms' is probably in the thousands and growing, because they can locate available online jobs which enable them to work from their house and earn some extra dollars to make ends meet.

You can find work online without having to sacrifice any of your parental responsibilities by selecting home based jobs online such as being involved with customer service, processing data for companies ans individuals, taking online surveys, tutoring students online or becoming a virtual assistant etc. Obviously, having basic knowledge of using a computer is going to help.

Lots of work at home moms choose data entry processing jobs to start with as these type jobs usually require little time and not much effort. You'll usually be able to work at your own pace filling out forms supplied by the company your processing data for. Moms find that with this type of job they can squeeze in work at odd moments of the day when they have free time.

If you choose to be a virtual assistant you'll more than likely need some qualifications. If you're a mom who has some previous administration or clerical experience this may be a suitable job that you can do at home. You can earn just about as much money by being a virtual assistant as you can being a personal assistant offline. You will however, have to work regular hours doing this. If you're a mom with older children who are at school all day, this type of online job may provide you a way to get back into career mode after taking time out to raise your children.

Tutoring students or adults online can offer suitable employment for stay at home mom. There are companies who operate online exclusively offering tutoring to students and adults who need extra help with a subject. If you have some teaching experience and adequate knowledge of a subject, look into becoming an online tutor.

Ghost writing is also a suitable home based job if you have a good command of English (or other languages in some cases) and can write. People need content online these days and you can provide it. You can also write reports, books, short stories for clients and get paid for providing your writing service. Some of these jobs, however, will have a completion deadline, so may come with a bit of pressure to get the job completed with a certain time frame. If, however, you like to write and can get some time away from the kids, a freelance writer gig could possibly be your ticket to successfully working from your home.

Another suitable job for stay at home moms, is transcription services. You'll be transcribing documents and editing records for companies or individual clients. These work at home jobs do require specialized knowledge, so if you've never done it before you may have to take a course and get some training.

Work at home moms can find jobs online that will help them earn extra money to make ends meet every month and at the same time have fun working in their home atmosphere and without having to give up any of their family routines.

Street Talk

Good ideas for someone who doesn't want to commute and pay a sitter.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks for the comment. People often don't really consider the cost of working outside the home. By the time you pay for a sitter or daycare you don't really have much money left. A part-time home job or business makes more sense then going to a part-time job, more people should check out working online.

  about 1 decade ago
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