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Do you have creative writing skills that have gotten sort of rusty? Might be a good idea to brush up on them. Now that we are living in the so called information age, we have entered a time when the new technology of communication is causing the information based marketing to be popular again. This way has been used for several years as one of the best ways to get people to the site and then turn them into a customer. This is another reason that writing information articles and submitting them to sites and directories is becoming the work of choice. Of course the tools to distribute this information, are more available than ever before. Lets look at some of the mistakes made before submitting articles to the article directories.

One of the first mistakes is the confusion of why you write the article to begin with. The reason to promote the article is confused with the reason to write the article. When you write articles there are three reasons for promoting them. They are for branding, to get leads and promotion of your product or service. All of these things are a part of the optimization needed for your business.

Now there is only one reason for writing the article and that is to inform your readers. If you fail to focus on this fact and don't remember how important it is to stay focused, then your article will fail to achieve its purpose. When you fail to achieve the three promotion benefits in the article, then no one will want to read it. First you have to figure out how to get your people to read your information, then click in the resource box to go to your site. You can and will achieve all of this with the very best content you can put into your article.

Second, You must not fail to maximize all promotional opportunities connected to your article marketing. You already know that your articles can help get more links back to your site. The question is , did you know you can get more visitors and better search engine results? You can mention keywords in certain places, but be sure not to overdo the keywords and also don't just throw them in, and certainly if they don't make sense at that place.

Not only the links back to your site, but part of doing better with your articles is getting your articles selected by publishers who have lots of sites with newsletters and things that they need articles for. As your work gets better you will be selected for articles in other niches also because your work will become known. These things will put some money in your pocket, but as you learn and get experience you will find other things that will be of more value to your business.

Third, if you publish content that does not help your defeat the purpose of your articles in the first place. If you happen to be thinking that you can just write something and get links back, think again because most directories and ezines will not accept just anything in the way of an article. They have certain guidelines and specific things that are required in order to submit to them.

Sometimes you will be able to submit to more directories when you write articles that the directories want to share with others. Just think, one person with a lot of readers, maybe 100,000 or so, could increase the number of people that see your articles if you get picked by one of them for the writing that you do.

Be careful to write the kind of articles that publishers want and this could happen for you. This means that you have to go by all the guidelines, spell checks and be sure to do good research on good subjects. Sometimes you may feel you need to get someone to write for you if you don't think you can do the kind of writing you want on your sites and to send to the directories.

As you think about it, you can get more exposure by increasing the links back to your site on a very beginning level or try writing the very best articles and enjoying lots more exposure because of the quality of your article content. Maybe you aren't aware that articles submitted to directories should be written with the very best information available, just the same as placing it somewhere that you know who and what kind of readers it will get. If you learn the difference between " good " articles and " just get by" articles then you will realize how important it is to submit good work.


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