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My Quest And Struggle Online
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My Quest And Struggle Online

I would like to share some of my experiences as an online entrepreneur.

My journey began three years ago when I decided to take a close look at how to earn an income online. I thought to myself that this trip will be more like an adventure. Anxious to begin, I embarked into the unknown.

My trip started one night as I took the captain’s chair (as I like to refer to my computer chair), I sat in front of my old-beat-up computer and entered the phrase “how to make a living online” in to the search engine. I was bewildered by the tremendous amount of free information, programs and opportunities which appeared legit at first sight. The fact of the matter was, that some of them were pure propaganda from gurus who wanted your money and not truly help you. All they wanted was your email in order to convince you to buy some of their products later. I couldn’t decide where to start.

I must admit, it became too overwhelming, almost petrifying for me and eventually the interest slowly disappeared and I didn’t return until a couple of years later. This time around though, I began with a totally refreshed attitude and mindset. I said to myself: “if it can be done, I will get it done! After all, nothing in life is impossible since we are in fact only limited to our creativity” and once again the research began.

A few months passed by and little by little, I was becoming more and more experienced on the subject. I always kept in mind that I’ll find the ideal opportunity I had been looking for. None the less, all my efforts produced no tangible results.

I joined so many email marketing lists for information and even bought cheap software tools that promised quick results on getting a flow of residual income online. But then I realized that all I was gaining was an email inbox overflowing with all kinds of programs, tools and information that I couldn't figure out what to do with.

I figured out that my main problem was not having a plan nor a well defined course of action to begin with. Especially when I had so much technical information and was wasting valuable time trying to figure out how everything works. I was pushing and stressing myself to the limits. I was getting only but a mere 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night, my eating habits were not of the norm when I'd miss a meal here and there quite often (more than usual), and my eyesight was being over strained. All of which were deteriorating my health at an abnormal rate.

All of these efforts had been done in order to understand how or where to start making the first step toward reaching the goal of having my own business online. Mind you, several hundred hours of this was done only to get STARTED with my online-money-making career.

What I eventually discovered was that I needed to discipline myself and start looking at having a possible lucrative online business from a different perspective. It was too easy to engage in signing up to get all kinds of free information and programs that will only confused me more. You do after all, get what you pay for, as the ol' saying goes.

There was nothing wrong with what I was doing, but what I wanted to know was how they all worked out and the process required to actually create new and original exciting content. The final result of course being a website that will be up and running live on the internet and generating plenty of cold hard cash.

One of the online methods I found interesting to start on a low budget is "affiliate marketing". This is where you can promote all kinds of digital and physical products from Ebay, Amazon or Clickbank to name just a few of the big companies that you can utilize to your advantage. Anybody with a real email can sign up and literally become an affiliate marketer with this method.

Now, by the time you become an affiliate you should already have a clear idea of what products/niche you'll be promoting on your website.

Finally, after long hours spent at my computer, I can only say that my quest and struggle online is over, because now I'm on the right direction.

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