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Niche Markets For Women
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Niche Markets for Women

Getting started in internet marketing as a woman can be an awesome adventure, but can also be very intimidating. We already have so much on our plates and wear many different hats-caretaker, chef, teacher, nurse, maid, employee, boss, etc. And now we’ve just added one more-entrepreneur. So you’ve just begun this journey and need some help. You’re wondering: “how on earth am I going to come up with ideas, what are niches, what am I going to promote, how can I possibly have that many ideas to write one to two articles every day with my crazy (but great) life?” Ladies, we are all a wealth of untapped creativity, passion, energy, and drive. It just gets pushed down because of life. When in reality, finding niche markets for women may be one of our biggest advantages.

Because of the different hats we wear, our being emotional thinkers versus literal or linear thinkers, because of diverse interests and hobbies, and just because we are women, we truly have great untapped resources. A niche market defines a specific product for a specific group of people (simply put). Every single product you use from eye liner to dish soap can be a niche. For example, you could write down all of your favorite products, research them, write about them, and review or promote them on your blog or website.

Every conversation you have with a girlfriend can be a niche. For example, discussing relationship issues and related books you’ve read could easily be a niche that you could promote by way of self-help e-books and e-videos. Every sport you drive your children to could be a niche. You could write an article about different types of car seats, parenting issues, etc. And then promote a related item on your website or blog. Every woman’s health issue you experience can be a niche. You could write an article about hot flashes, osteoporosis, or less heard of issues that have a specific audience. There are so many wonderful items that can be promoted in that area. Every hobby or passion you have can be a niche. Maybe you love to cook and want to promote a great cookbook. Maybe you love fashion and the latest news-together they make great articles and promotions. The list goes on.

Remember, women never run out of things to talk about….so we’ll never run out of ideas to write about!

Several things helped me develop my niche market. One, I am very passionate about helping women be kinder to themselves, realizing their true beauty, and motivating them to attack their passions with a new sense of vigor. Secondly, my mind is always going, always thinking about what motivates me to be a better person and how I can share what I learn and experience with others. Thirdly, I love all things girly from makeup to perfume. Within all of these ideas that buzz through my brain, therein lie thousands of single niches which all have the potential of becoming articles and promotions.

Even though I have all these ideas for niche marketing, know what audience I want to address, and what types of products I want to promote, I turn to Wealthy Affiliate University’s Keyword Tool and Google Keyword Competition Tool. I want to make sure my exact keyword(s) are in fact actually searched by people and I want to make sure that the Google competition is low. Wealthy Affiliate has so many invaluable tools and information available for niche hunting, keyword finding, and article writing that I know I can always find an answer to my question and will always come up with great keywords.

As you embark on this journey as a woman in the internet marketing arena, just know that you have all of the resources you need in your head, heart and soul and at Wealthy Affiliate University.

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