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Obtaining Free Traffic Using The Google Keyword Search Tool
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Ask anyone familiar with the internet about which search engine they use and you can place high money bets that in about 9 out of 10 chances, they will say Google. Millions of people use this search engine every day and are constantly generating billions of keywords. The owners of the popular search engine has made a google keyword search tool available for anyone to use and we're going to figure out exactly how to use this google keyword search tool for the pure benefit of gaining free traffic to our site.

My most suggested route for gaining FREE traffic is to follow the Article Marketing method and write optimized articles with help from the Google keyword search tool. Constantly building good articles will give you a reliable source able to generate thousands of highly targeted traffic leading to your site every month. The more traffic you have, the more sales you'll generate and that's goal we are trying to achieve.

Correctly Using the Google Keyword Search Tool Step #1

First we need to think of multiple concepts related to what we want to sell or advertise before we even think about starting the google keyword search tool. If your niche were to be Rabbit Care Training you should come up with an adequate amount of concepts.

Rabbit Care Training Concepts

  • Rabbit Breeds
  • Correct Diet
  • Rabbit Hutch

Keep adding until you reach 15-20 concepts. I like to use wiki how or yahoo answers to get the most talked about concepts related to my niche.

Correctly Using the Google Keyword Search Tool Step #2

Once you select one concept from your new list you are ready to use the google keyword search tool. Remember you must sign up for Google Adwords to use this tool, don't worry it's free. So use one of the concepts(ex: Rabbit Breeds) and plug it in the "word or phrase" box and press search!

When the list generates you are looking for:

  • Long-tailed keyword phrases (has 3-6 words in the phrase)
  • More than 300 google searches for that keyword every month
  • less than 5000 related website competition

I found a great potential keyword phrase "Dwarf rabbit breeds" that has over 1,300 searches per month and only about 235 website competition. I usually write down 10 keywords for each concept.

To Determine Competition

With the google keyword search tool, the competition bar isn't accurate so you must find the competition manually on google itself.

  1. *IMPORTANT* Change google's search configuration so that google instant is off and the search is displaying 100 websites rather than the default 10 websites.
  2. Place the phrase in quotes then search.
  3. Google may display the quote having 500,000 or so websites with the same quoted phrase but this is inaccurate. Go to the very last page of the searches and the number will decrease drastically.

Correctly Using the Google Keyword Search Tool Step #3

After about 5-10 great high-search, low-competition keywords for that single concept you are pretty much ready to use them to your advantage. Join any top article directory site like Street Articles or Ezine Articles and start submitting articles with your newly researched keywords. If you keep a pace of 5 articles per week, you will easily gain 1000's of traffic stacking up each month.

For Articles Remember to

  1. Have a catch title with your researched keyword
  2. Only repeat your keywords 1-2% of the time
  3. Place anchor links with your keyword phrase

I really prefer this method of gaining traffic because it's free and reliable! I've been doing it for years so I've got experience on my back with Article Marketing and I've had my share of using the google keyword search tool. If you are struggling with article marketing to increase web traffic, I suggest you make an outline for each article, it works best for me.

I'm Kenn Pyon and I want to become the best Article Marketer so sharing knowledge with you guys helps me keep working on that goal. Another tip I want to share is that it's a good idea to follow correct examples of writing styles for internet article marketing so you can have an idea about what successful articles look like.

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