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One Apple And A Doctor's Review - Leading To Success!
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One Apple And A Doctor\'s Review   -   Leading to Success!

I choose to concentrate on affiliate marketing training in order to make money on the internet. My reason is that most online ‘experts’ still need to keep learning something new on a daily basis.

As long as you are learning and applying learnt concepts to your online business, you will be said to have a healthy online campaign.

I have looked at what are the essentials that you need to stay healthy in your affiliate marketing campaign and I came up with the following things that you have to do as often as possible.

Always be involved in the trend.

I have come to understand that only those that are involved in issues that are in demand are relevant. It means you have to also be looking out for ways to be involved in the trendy issues that are related to your niche and your interest. Building backlinks through involvement in trendy subjects is by far the easiest. People readily key in on discussions related to trendy items and often they also want to buy into it.

Update all pieces of my previous information.

you have to develop a habit of going through your previous pages and post to review them with the purpose of updating. It is a serious health hazard to have outdated piece of information on your site. Once visitors find any information that is no longer applicable on your site, they might begin to develop a negative attitude towards your site. You should frequently carry out this health check and update all stale information as soon as possible.

Reach out to others in your niche

Doing this has a multiple effect both on you and your business, it keeps you on your toes and allows you to share and sample other marketers’ opinion on issues relating to affiliate marketing. It will also be a good learning period for you. Learning something new is really too important to be missed. It also works well in building some backlinks to your sites pages, posts and articles.

Write an article on a relevant topic.

Daily, you need to reach out and drop something on 'paper'. It might be just the topic of an article or if possible one or two articles. Always putting down ideas or thoughts makes article writing a bit easier. At times you could have up to ten article topics or points you might want to develop. All you will then need to do is gradually add 'flesh' to them.

Search the web

Most of the things an affiliate marketer needs for his business are already on the web. Researches online really do provide lots of relatively new concepts to modify for optimum usage. With a notebook by your side, an hour spend online brings relevant information to build on for your usage.

Learn something new

Every spare time you get should be channeled to learning something new. Either online or offline. Learning is the bulk of my affiliate marketing health program. It is said 'you can't give what you don't have'. Learning makes you to either get to understand how to solve an issue or you get to know references to give for answers to particular challenges.

Keep working on forthcoming products

Something else you need to be doing is to keep building on products that you intend to in future make available to others in respect to affiliate marketing. This is so important that you should if possible at times spend the whole day on it.

Appreciate yourself.

Lastly no day should go by without you looking at your progress and just appreciate yourself for still being focus and doing all what you are doing that are relevant to building your online empire.

Every single day, I for one get myself involved at least in one of the above mentioned activities. These activities I do call my 'apples' and ensuring I handle at least one daily keeps me going. I do carry out the 'doctor's review' every night before I sleep. I look back on the day's activities and carry out a holistic review. Things I had done well and those I have to improve on. I end it all up by simply appreciating my efforts and 'seeing' myself in my 'el-dorado'

I do recommend you too have your 'apples' and carry out a 'doctor's review' always.

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Great article and thanks for sharing! Nenita

  about 9 years ago

You are welcome.

  about 9 years ago
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