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Online Business Success Is All About Mastering One Strategy One Strategy
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Jack of All Trades Master of None

Jack of all trades, master of none. This best sums up the human race as the most intelligent and diverse species on the planet, however when it comes to Online Business Success it's All About Mastering One. 

There are over a dozen marketing strategies for online business promotion. These include Banner Ads, Solo  Ads,  Forum Marketing, and Article writing.  I won't cover all these but as I am presently writing an Article I may as well discuss this strategy.

Article Writing can Create Wealth From Nothing

Article Writing can Create Wealth From Nothing, How I hear you ask. Firstly it isn't free, you have to write and write and write again, each article you give for free value to get free traffic to your Website. You give someone something of value for nothing and they become, subconsciously attracted to what you are giving, by providing answers and solutions to they're questions and answers you become an expert and you haven't asked for anything in return. Your are giving away to hopefully receive nothing more than a visit to your website.

If this sounds a bit suspect it's not, you are giving value without cost.

What you are given is the opportunity to add your link into the article as long as it is naturally linked through the body of the article. 

How do I Generate Traffic From My Articles

Firstly get writing, and write about what you are passionate about. Do a little research and be sure that the content is interesting and gives value. With Golden Nugget Keywords, these get your article on to the search engines, Golden Nugget Keywords are the words that people are using when they do web searches on they're particular interest or question. The higher the page ranking, the more likely you are to get visits to your website. A good piece of information is that 42% of people who search on the internet click the number one listed search. So the higher you can get your article the more visitors you will get. 

There is also loyalty. Someone might read one of your articles and return again and again to each article you write and after the second, third or even the tenth may think this guy is on to something and visit your website. The more articles that you write the better you will become and the higher your status will become. If someone was to do a web search on your name, they might be able to find every article that you have written and again may visit your website after reading more of your work.

In effect what you are doing is creating relationships to get visits to your website. The more you write the more you can create wealth from nothing online. Think about it if you write five articles and get 1 click, if you write 5000 articles, would this not give you 5000 visits. It's a numbers game.

Why Article Writing

Well for myself I quite enjoy writing these articles, if I can write one a day and get visitors then I have done okay. Some articles are more successful than others, with some having more people reading them, this is where good golden keyword resaerch is valuable. If I enjoyed speaking then video promotion would be the way to promote, but personally like writing and with every article i write the content and the quality is hopefully getting better. 

In writing these articles I am appealing to people like myself who like to read and understand things when they see it in black and white and if these same people get value then my article has done its first job, the second is to hopefully get my ranking higher in the web searches and the third is to get people to visit my website.

Practice Makes Perfect

As I have stated, the more you write the better you will get. It is important just to get started. At the begining if you want you can use one article submission site until your confidence gets better, but once you do you will want to write articles and put them out on several submission sites to maximize your results. Be sure to write different articles for each site as they don't want you submitting articles that other sites have published. Do your web search yourself for article content and titles. A good way of doing this is to read articles that other people have written in your chosen field and using what they have taught you and what you know then another article is ready for written and publishing.


When deciding what Online Marketing Strategy you are going to master, the easiest way is to decided what it is that you enjoy. If you have a skill that relates to one of the fourteen or so marketing strategies then this would be the most obvious. When you have chosen one saturate yourself in it, the more you produce the more results you can and will achieve. If you haven't got a website then it is advisable to get one. And lastly get good quality training as this is invaluable.

And lastly give it away in order to receive.

Get passionate and Get Results


Street Talk

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