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Online Entrepreneur - Why 97% Of People Fail
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Online Entrepreneur - Why 97% Of People Fail

Today I am writing an article to help all online entrepreneurs. I want to inform you of why 97% of all internet/affiliate marketers fail, and will continue to do so. In fact, if you dont read this or you cant connect with what I am telling you, it is VERY likely that you WILL fall into this percentile of failures.

Dont get down though, read this, try to understand, and become part of the top 3%.

Internet marketers fail soley because they become impatient. You think I'm wrong? Well lets look at it like this. Most people that try to get a business started online start off with trying to get "easy money", agree? Okay, and with that in mind, they get scammed by all these "push button" systems, right? Lets face it, if you get ripped off a few times for a few hundred bucks, you WILL give up and believe it is all too good to be true. So here is my first piece of advice:

Dont fall into the belief that you will get rich overnight with no work involved.

This is, believe it or not, the first step to giving up. People fall into the belief that an online income can be made overnight and with no effort. Now that they believe this, they see it isnt true, and they instantly stop trying to learn. They just see the online entrepreneur lifestyle as a complete and utter scam. Though it isnt and there is money to be made. You just have to be patient and never forget to keep learning.

Another reason people fail is that they dont set goals. It is a statistical fact proven that people who are 1: Optimistic, and 2: Set Goals , are far more likely to succeed in anything that they attempt than pessimistic people or people who dont set goals.

So here is where I feel the need to enter my second piece of advice:

Surround yourself with optimistic, supportive people. (StreetArticles is a great place for this)

Set goals.(These goals should include short term: daily and weekly, and long term: monthly and yearly)

A good set of daily goals could be something as simple as:

Find a niche to write about. Find 5 niche related keywords. Write one article for each keyword.

Now isnt that simple. Then get started with them goals.

So, with that in mind let me tell you a little secret. Always do your research before joining any paid training program. Look for insider reviews. Not just the first review on google. Many times if you look at a review it will have links to the service. Click the link to see if it takes you to an affiliate link. If it does then you know they are only giving a good review because they are trying to make money off of you. This is more often than not the case with many review sites now. The world is all about money. Use your head, think outside the box, and dont become the 97%.

There are many legitimate sites that offer you good information to help you succeed in affiliate marketing. You dont always have to pay. Some of the paid programs are good though so just do your research. Stay optimistic and continue learning. The internet has endless oppurtunities and you dont want to miss out just because your friends tell you that it isnt possible. Would I be writing this if it were impossible to make money online.

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