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Optimize Navigation For Improved Conversion Rates
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Optimize Navigation for Improved Conversion Rates

It has happened to everyone, being stranded with no inclination of which way to go. While you may know the ultimate destination, one wrong turn or simple bad directions have landed you in the wrong location, leaving you frustrated and ready to seek another destination.

If you do not optimize your landing page for your visitors, chances are they will get that same feeling of being lost upon landing on the website you have created. The fact is, at this point it does not matter the quality of your content or how recent it was posted, all that matters is your users do not know where to go next. The fact is that poor navigation can hurt your conversion rate by substantial amounts.

So what is the solution to this lost feeling? Simply optimizing your landing page to provide a customer journey that is clear, efficient and tells your visitors exactly what they should do next.

Getting Started: 4 Crucial Steps to Success

Step 1: Understand the Standing of Your Site – As Is

When you get lost, chances are you pull over to determine where you have ended up, right? The fact is that if you make assumptions, you will likely end up much further from your ultimate destination.

However, prior to implementing any significant changes, you should take time to measure the current results you have achieved from the page that is in question. In some cases, the situation is not as horrible as you perceived it to actually be.

Step 2: Take Time to Optimize Your Funnel

Did you know that the existing funnel is able to be optimized at each step along the way? The first thing that you need to do is determine what parts of your funnel are the least effective. When you begin to optimize the funnel, you should follow a simple, yet structured approach. This approach is as follows:

  • Relevant;
  • Engaging;
  • Authoritative;
  • Directional;
  • The Yield of Optimal Results.

Step 3: Follow the Formula

Any good scientist understands that it is crucial to add only one single ingredient at a time. If you do not use this strategy, you cannot gauge the effect of what you added.

While it may be tempting to actually change several different elements of your landing page, this is not necessarily an efficient strategy. In order to have truly effective results, you need to only test a single element of the page at a time.

Step 4: Determine the Factors to Success

You need to determine the different factors that you need to adjust in order to accomplish your goals. You should start with these elements and then make sure that you have each of the items listed in the categories:

  • Value
  • Emotion
  • Features
  • Benefits

Step 5: Maximize and Test

You need to start with a very clear and concise hypothesis and then you can begin to test A/B for a winner.

When you begin analyzing the choices on your website, ask yourself, what is preventing the visitors to your site from taking action and what can you do to improve this problem?

The fact is that if you think about the needs of your customer FIRST, and then align your calls to action as well as your copy to accomplish this goal, then chances are your landing pages would appear differently.

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