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Spend a lot of time surfing the web clicking your way through life? It would be nice to get some sort of pay for click and surfing wouldn't it? Over the last several years more than a few sites have cropped up that will actually pay you to visit their customers sites. These sites are called PTC or 'paid to click' sites and they have become very popular. Like everything online these days there are certain risks with making money on these sites with some of them being or turning into scams. Just recently a well known site I had been using and earning for a while on decided to freeze my account and the money I was owed - I'm yet to see that money and doubt I ever will.

But don't let this put you off. There are many well known sites out there that you should stick to when you begin. The main thing to look for when searching for a good PTC site is to see if they offer a forum. A forum indicates that the site has nothing to hide and you will often find payment proofs from members in there. If a Paid to Click site does not offer a forum then they can get away with whatever they want and no one will ever find out about it.

Each PTC site will offer different rates of pay per website visited and will also have it's own cashout level ( the threshold you must reach to withdraw your money ). Some of the sites are slow earners but these often or not turn out to be the more trusted. There are usually referral systems put in place with these sites that let you rent ( or buy ) new members and receive a percentage of what they earn. I, personally, love these types of systems and I have many different sites with many referrals on each helping me earn.

One point I really must cover for your security on these sites is the signing up process. When you sign up ( always for free on these sites ) with a ptc site and then sign up with another one make sure you change your password on each one. There are a lot of hackers out there just waiting around these sites for an unsuspecting newbie whose account they can steal.

Scout around first and gather the names of the trusted PTC sites. There are plenty out there so join more than one if you want to earn any decent amount. Dedication is the key with paid to click sites so hang on in there.

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