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Peanut Butter Shortage – Are You Prepared To Ride It Out?
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Peanut Butter Shortage – Are You Prepared to Ride it Out?

These days we are bombarded with stories about the wealth safe heavens available to us.

Gold was the favorite, its popularity dating back to ancient times. But now, gold has been displaced by everyone’s childhood favorite delicacy: PEANUT BUTTER!

CNN just reported that the production of peanuts will be significantly lower this year, due to crop failures in the South brought about by prolonged drought during the growing season. Therefore, we can conclude that a severe shortage of that childhood delicacy is likely to ensue.

Prices are sure to keep rising fast as consumers scramble to stock up before the limited supply is exhausted, or before prices rise so much as to be out of reach for people on tight budgets. Unfortunately, that includes many of us these days.

Parents with small children could be in a bad way. If they do not react soon and stock up, what are they going to say to their little ones when the parents ask what the child wants for lunch, and the answer is an excited “peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”

It may seem funny, if you don’t have small children that is, but there is a darker side to this story, and that is that we continue to be more and more focused on the economic uncertainties ahead.

The emphasis is focused on the expected loss of value of most, if not all currencies around the world. Others talk about a massive transfer of wealth that will devastate many households, and businesses, especially the small mom and pop stores that survive on their trade with people in their neighborhood.

But as times get tougher, many of these local customers could well fall victims of the harsh economic times predicted for the near future.

Those of us involved in online businesses have an uncertain future ahead. Online business could turn ugly, as it may well follow what could happen to the brick and mortar small businesses.

Or, it could be just the opposite, due to the global reach of the internet. Online businesses that prepare for the uncertainty ahead, and put their faith on the ever increasing reach and popularity of the web, could see unprecedented growth as consumers from all over the world surf for “good deals.”

Technology affecting the web, and online businesses, is changing and growing at such a frantic pace that online businesses that are vigilant and can sense new trends before the masses of people do, could gain significant competitive advantages.

This has happened in business even before the advent of the internet. So there is no reason to believe that people with keen perception and ability to identify and quickly adjust to new trends could not prosper in the uncertain times predicted to be ahead of us.

So, how do we prepare as online marketers?

We must try to line up good sources of market information, and if possible, partner with people with the vision and insight to predict and analyze fast developing market trends.

In short, we must get our hands on peanut butter before it disappears into thousands of pantries of people that acted immediately before the crest of the economic wave hits us.

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