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Protect Yourself From Scam PTC Sites
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Making money with paid to click sites is an easy way of earning online. After joining a program, you log into your account every day, click on the available ads and you get paid. Other advantages of joining PTC sites are they are totally free to join, they do not take up much of your time, and once you start introducing others, you can make a respectable part time income each month for not a great deal of extra effort.

Sadly it is not all good news where PTC sites are concerned. If you are a regular user of PTC sites, I more or less guarantee you will have come across a situation where (a) a site has been closed down before paying you what it owes, or (b) you have been waiting for 2 months or more for a payment which is rightfully yours and the site admin refuses to respond to your support requests.

It is a fact that for every one legitimate paying PTC site, there are at least another twenty non paying sites, run by people whose main objective is to make as much money as they can out of their advertisers, without giving any real thought to how they are going to pay their members. In extreme cases some unscrupulous PTC site owners have no intentions of paying their loyal members from the outset.

If you have been the victim of a scam PTC site, you will be pleased to know there are certain checks you can carry out to protect yourself before you consider joining another program. There are also plenty of legitimate paying PTC sites out there with excellent reputations.

Firstly you should look at how much the PTC site is claiming to pay its members.  A PTC site mainly relies on its advertisers for revenue. If the advertising packages cost the same or less per click than the amount the site is stating it will pay each member, there is a good chance the funds will not be there to honour payments.

There are also a number of PTC sites who advertise widely that they pay their members as much as $1 per click. What you tend to find is that you are required to sign up for a series of offers and complete lengthy surveys before getting anywhere near being paid. Keep in mind that most legitimate PTC sites pay their members between $0.001 and $0.02 per ad view. Any site claiming to pay more than this should be approached with caution.

Another tactic is to do a simple Google search. Key in the name of the program you are thinking of joining followed by the word “scam” then take a close look at the information your search returns. If you are faced with pages of complaints from unpaid members, you can learn from their misfortune and save yourself hours of wasted clicking.

To get a balanced view, it is a good idea to also type in the name of the PTC program you are researching, followed by the word “review”.  Read carefully what other people have to say, and make sure you look for  payment proofs, not just summissions of hopeful new members before you make your decision about whether or not to join.

It is generally seen as a good sign if a PTC site has a members’ forum but this cannot be taken as a guarantee of a paying site. I have known it before where non paying sites with forums have deleted all comments made by members who had not been paid – and even banned them from the forum, purely because they wanted to create a false impression about how legitimate the site actually was. Whilst it is advisable to explore a PTC site forum, and read what other members have to say, you should not use this as your only background check before spending any time there.

The key point to remember is that the more time you spend researching a PTC site before you devote any time to it could potentially save you hours of wasted time in the long run.

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